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The Humanities Hub Difference

Established in 2012, Humanities Hub Education Centre broke new ground in the Singapore education landscape by offering quality tuition in various Humanities and Language subjects such as English, History, Geography and Social Studies (aka Combined Humanities) at the Secondary level and General  PaperEconomicsHistory, and Geography  at the Junior College level. To so many parents and students who did not believe that Humanities tuition actually existed, our centre, with a team of reputable, experienced and dedicated MOE-trained tutors, was the solution they were desperately looking for.

Fast forward 9 years, we have helped almost 2,000 students who had lost hope of ever improving their grades in Humanities and Language subjects, achieve what they thought was impossible. Testament to the growing awareness of the availability of Humanities tuition in Singapore, we are proud to be have been featured in The Straits Times article on 1 December 2016.


Humanities Hub Education Centre is privileged to be the pioneer of a movement that demonstrates the importance of the Humanities in our daily lives. Led by our determination to make Humanities Hub Education Centre the centre of choice for quality Humanities tuition, our mission is to nurture even more students to be future thought leaders in various Humanities fields in the future!


Tan Zong Hong

Saint Andrews Junior College

NUS Business School


Humanities Hub has no doubt played a crucial role in my first career as a student both in the O Levels and the A Levels alike, and left me with impressionable takeaways that I would like very much to express my gratitude to this centre for. Humanities Hub has been a centre of learning where no simple, second rate rote learning and meaningless memorizations take place. Instead it has been a place where passions and knowledge are cultivated by teachers whose own abilities and passions are more than equal to the task. It had only been under such expert stewardship that academic excellence can be attained and true potentials unravelled, which I dare say, I experienced first-hand.

Koh Swee Chen

Parent of Marcus Teo

Pierce Secondary


Knowing that 6 months is a short time, Mr Tan relentlessly gave Marcus extra test parts to practise and patiently goes over the extra papers with him during his own break time between lessons. It was due to his dedication and selflessness that Marcus is able to achieve a distinction (A2) for his ‘O’ Levels.

Hence, we would like to congratulate Humanities Hub’s success for its ability to achieve such drastic improvement. If bringing a B3 or B4 to a distinction is a walk in the park, bringing an E8 to A2 must felt like scaling Everest. Again, our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Tan and Humanities Hub.



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