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Mohamed Salim


Victoria School 2017

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


I would like to thank Mr Tan for helping me with my SBQ and SRQ skills in my 7 months with Humanities Hub. His lessons were thoroughly enjoyable and improved my understanding of the various skills in Social Studies (SS) significantly. Mr Tan’s lessons were also very clear and the weekly SBQ practices drilled me to become more adept at doing questions under strict time constraints. Thanks to Mr Tan’s enriching and comprehensive lessons, my confidence in facing the O-Levels for Social Studies has multiplied many folds. Mr Tan has provided great help to me to understand my mistakes and was always ready to correct any of my misconceptions during class. Thank you Sir!

Mathew Vanherreveghe

Anglican High School 2019

Social Studies and English Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Tan is an excellent Social Studies tutor who is willing to address the students’ every query, not that he needs to most of the time as he would have answered most of our potential questions in class. Furthermore, he explains our problems in our answers and highlights similar mistakes that all the students make to serve as a reminder that we should not make such mistakes in the future. I have benefitted greatly from the tuition and learnt a lot from Mr Tan over the past few months, and feel very confident walking into my O-Level examinations.

Mr Chong is a very pragmatic English tutor. As we prepare for the O-Levels, I have learnt greatly from his systematic approach to learning comprehension skills and how to write an essay. This has honed my ability to understand passages and write better as well. 

Enoch Cheong


Christchurch Sec 2020

English and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Chong, my English tutor is a very kind and nurturing person, willing to go the extra mile to help enforce the knowledge and skills required to excel in the English Paper. Through his teachings, I was able to understand how to answer the questions in my english papers with the right technique. In addition, attending tuition from Mr Chong helped me to correct my commonly made mistakes that restricted my ability to score an A for my writings. 


Mr Tan, my Social Studies tutor is very inspiring. He was able to put current affairs into context and relate it to what we learn in school. This really broadened my horizon, and encouraged me to read the newspaper more often. I was imbued with the ability to see current affairs in a different light, which I believe is an important skill. 


All in all, Humanities Hub provides a lot of practice for students, allowing the students to have ample opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them before they sit for the long awaited O Level examinations. Teachers are also well experienced in dealing with the students' queries, providing useful feedback and hence, allowing students to excel in their studies.

Calista Ching

Bowen Secondary School, 2019

Pure Geography Tuition at Humanities Hub


Thank you Mr Tan for always being very patient in clearing my doubts during Pure Geography tuition lessons! My Pure Geography grade in school after my Secondary 3 end-of-year examinations was only a C6; but after joining Humanities Hub, I improved tremendously and managed to secure an A1 for the 2019 GCE ‘O’ Level examinations! I am glad that I made the decision to join Humanities Hub! During our lessons, Mr Tan gave us many practices and his lessons were always well structured, making difficult concepts easy to understand! Thank you for your guidance, Mr Tan!

Elizabeth Ong


Private Candidate 2018

Social Studies and History Tuition at Humanities Hub


I didn’t know how to study for my Social Studies, especially since I was doing my O-Levels as a private candidate. But after just a few lessons with Mr Tan, I found that it was a lot easier to answer the SBCS questions. His teaching methods were concise and consistent, and it was not hard to pick up what examiners would want to see in our answers, and to develop my own personal way of answering questions and getting them right, instead of conforming to the rigid “suggested answers” that other teachers tend to give. Mr Tan also took the time to mark the extra SS papers that I did and always returned me my marked work by the following week despite his busy schedule, leaving helpful comments of ways I could rephrase or improve my answers. Thank you Mr Tan, for your never-ending time and effort in guiding through the exams.

History has always been a struggle to me with long lists of dates and names and events, but Mr Neo always made it easy for us to remember, with mindmaps and more comprehensive notes. He taught us how to remember all the details not by memorisation, but showed us how to be more familiar by linking them to events we experience in real life, or just by using our common sense in thinking about the causes and effects of every event. This way, it was less stressful and there was a lesser chance of getting mental blocks during exams and forgetting everything. In class, he would show us history videos and think of different ways to ensure the lessons weren’t too tedious, often asking us questions so that we would stay up to task and making everyone was moving at the same speed and understanding. A memorable time was when he gave us a list of Stalin jokes, which was not only funny, but taught us about how people of that time felt about Stalin, and the truth of the irony behind their jokes. He also took extra time  and effort in marking our homework, and staying back after class to explain to us how we can improve our answers. Thank you, Mr Neo!

Jimmy Tan


Outram Secondary School 2021

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


I used to struggle to understand Social Studies but Mr Poon was able to break down and explain the different parts and ways to score well for Social Studies in a very appealing way. With his help, I was able to improve my grades and score well for my GCE ‘O’ Levels. 

Valerie Wong


Bowen Secondary School 2020

Geography Tuition at Humanities Hub


Under Mr Tan's guidance, I went from getting single digit for Pure Geography for the whole of Sec 3 to attaining A2 for the O Levels. 
I am grateful for his lessons and patience and would definitely recommend him to any juniors.

Sheena Tan

Cedar Girls School 2015-2016

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


My tutor is a dedicated teacher who makes it a point to ensure that you understand every chapter clearly. He even incorporates videos into his lessons to make it more entertaining and make Social Studies less boring. Thanks to my tutor, I was able to grasp the skills required for Social Studies SBQs very well, and obtained an A1 in my Combined Humanities for the 2016 O-Level examinations. Thank you, Mr Tan!

Shawn Lee


Kuo Chuan Presbyterian High 2017

English Tuition at Humanities Hub


Although I have only attended Mr Chong’s classes for a few months, I feel that my English has improved greatly. I believe this is because Mr Chong is a lively and engaging teacher who makes his English lessons enjoyable and easy to understand.

Ananya Hazare


Crescent Girls' School 2018-2019

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Learning social studies at Humanities Hub has been one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences I have had. Before I joined Humanities Hub, I was always lost about how to go about my SS assignments and tests as nothing seemed to help in the first few months of Sec 3. However, once I started on my journey, under the guidance of Mr Tan, I could feel a big difference in my confidence in SS and my writing style within only a few weeks. The resources and lesson plans were always extremely beneficial and supported me throughout the year up until the last day. Moreover, Mr Tan would always make lessons engaging with anecdotes, discussions on current affairs as well as videos and thus there was never a dull moment in class. He is one of the nicest teachers I have come across who is always jovial and ready to help. Therefore, I would like to thank Mr Tan and Humanities Hub immensely for always encouraging me and teaching me how to love the subject I was once fearful of. Thank you!

Papattarada Apithanangsin (Pun Pun)


Commonwealth Secondary 2017

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr. Tan played a crucial part in helping me getting my A1 for combined humanities. Initially when I first registered for Mr. Tan’s social studies class, I was really weak in the subject; scoring just borderline passes. An A1 for combined humanities was far out of reach. However, after having a few classes with Mr. Tan, my combined humanities grade, especially social studies, improved tremendously. Mr. Tan has taught me all the crucial techniques and tips which were very helpful for the 'O' Levels. Without his help and support, I would not have gotten an A1. 

Wesley Fung


Fairfield Methodist 2017

Geography Elective and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Both the Mr Tans (for Social Studies and Geography) are great teachers! My SS tutor has cleared many of my doubts about SS, and he has made the many confusing and intimidating SBQ rules much more easier to understand. For my Geography tutor, he has done a great job in drilling us to do better in our examinations. Although Geography is a very memory intensive subject, he has shown us ways to tackle the paper. He has also emphasized on "unpacking" questions by searching for key terms. Both teachers have their own unique sense of humor and they make our lessons so much more interesting!

“My mind is more wired towards sciences and I find writing essays quite challenging......  Tuition helped and it got easier to tackle those sort of questions once I got the hang of it.”

Ng Weng Fai, a Humanities Hub student who obtained As for both Social Studies and History in his O-Level examinations.

(An excerpt of his interview from The Straits Times, 1 December 2016.)

Shirlley Wang


Fajar Secondary 2019

English and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


I first came to Humanities Hub after my Secondary 4 mid year examinations. At that time, I could barely pass my English and had an F9 for my Social Studies! I thought I could only aim for a pass in both subjects, thankfully, I was wrong! Mr Tan, my Social Studies tutor, was very patient, and he gave clear instructions for every single question that I attempted. Mr Chong, my English tutor, guided me in detail through difficult vocabulary and sentence construction as my English was very weak. He was dedicated and marked all my compositions and highlighted all my mistakes including spelling and grammatical errors. Even though the way I wrote was very simplified, Mr Chong gave me constant feedback on how to improve. In the end, I scored a B3 for English and an A1 for my Combined Humanities for the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations! I am very thankful to my tutors for their help!

Max Ho


Victoria Secondary 2017

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


I am deeply impressed by the passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by Mr Tan. He is a very patient and dedicated teacher. He was willing to stay back after class to answer my queries. He helped me to improve my Social Studies results tremendously from D7 and C6 in the prelims to A1 in the O-Levels, which is a tremendous feat given a short time frame. Mr Tan's lesson is interesting and his explanation of the SBQ and SRQ skills are very thorough and easy to understand. Mr Tan is such a fantastic teacher and I am very grateful for all the effort he has put in. Thank you!

Solomon Ng


St Gabriels Secondary 2017

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Dear Mr Tan

Really thank you so much for the things you have done for me this past 1 year. You really have been a great teacher who goes all out for your students. I really, really appreciate all the things you have taught me and I really enjoyed your lessons. Also thank you for always staying back just to answer my many questions. Also thank you for constantly giving me feedback for my papers that I have done. Thank you for giving me more confidence when I approach Social Studies! Once again thank you for everything, really can’t thank you enough!

Mindy Neo

Xinmin Secondary, 2019

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Tan is a great tutor who is able to teach concepts in an easy-to-learn manner. Instead of using the examples in the textbook which students are unable to remember, he tells us about current issues which we can use as examples in our essays. For instance, when teaching us about the driving forces of globalisation, he encourages us to use the example of social media being a faster and more convenient way which allows information to be spread easily across the world, as it was something students understood easily. With Mr Tan’s superb notes, I need not study from the textbook anymore as his notes are concise and easy to understand. Furthermore, Mr Tan teaches us ways to tackle exam questions, telling us what the O-Level markers are looking out for in each question when marking papers. Multiple timed practices in class also help me gain confidence in time management while the different difficulty level of the papers help me understand where my mistakes are and what I need to look out for. With Mr Tan’s help, I was placed third in the cohort for my Prelims, attaining 38/50, and my grades improved from a C5 at the start of the year to an A2 in the GCE ‘O’ Level exams. Thank you, Mr Tan

Tan Zong Hong

Saint Andrews Junior College

NUS Business School

History Elective and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Humanities Hub has no doubt played a crucial role in my first career as a student both in the O levels and the A levels alike, and left me with impressionable takeaways that I would like very much to express my gratitude to this centre for. Humanities Hub has been a centre of learning where no simple, second rate rote learning and meaningless memorizations take place. Instead it has been a place where passions and knowledge are cultivated by teachers whose own abilities and passions are more than equal to the task. It had only been under such expert stewardship that academic excellence can be attained and true potentials unravelled, which I dare say, I experienced first-hand.

Rachel Swee

CHIJ St Theresa's Convent, 2019

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


I love my lessons at Humanities Hub! Mr Tan has helped me understand Social Studies so much better. Mr Tan is a really funny and caring teacher and I really enjoy his lessons. My grades have definitely improved after joining this class at Humanities hub. Thank you!

Mr Ng CK

Parent of Ng Shu Wen

Nan Chiao Secondary 2020

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Under the teaching of Mr Tan at Humanities Hub, my kid scored a good distinction in Combined Humanities for her GCE 'O' Level examinations. Practices issued for lessons were graded, mistakes were explained and finer details required for better grades were elaborated. Revisions prior to the 'O' Levels were helpful for her exam preparation and were critical for her to secure a good distinction. Thank you Humanities Hub and Mr Tan for coaching my kid.

Madam Jasmine Adams

Parent of Bryce Adams

Bendemeer Secondary 2016

Social Studies, History Elective and English Tuition at Humanities Hub


As the parent of Bryce Adams, I would sincerely like to thank you and your team for the encouragement and support given to Bryce in Social Studies, History Elective and English Language tuition. Bryce had not been doing well at all for these subjects yet with your team's kind support and guidance, he managed to get a B3 for all these subjects at the O-Level examinations. Thank you once again for being there for Bryce!

Note by Humanities Hub: Bryce has some learning difficulties which required special attention from our tutors. Having been failing his Humanities and Language subjects, we are very proud of his stellar achievements in the O-Level examinations.

Mr Apithanangsin

Parent of Papattarada Apithanangsin

Commonwealth Secondary 2017

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


We really appreciate your help. Pun Pun enjoys studying at Humanites Hub. She improved a lot after going to HH. She always told me that Mr Tan was a very good teacher. Please give our regards and thank you to Mr Tan. Pun Pun will try her best in the upcoming O-Level exams to achieve an A1. Then she will definitely come back to join your JC classes at Humanities Hub next year. It is lucky for us to find Humanities Hub!

Madam Liza Chia

Parent of Rei Pang

ACS Barker 2018

Social Studies, History Elective and English June Bootcamp at Humanities Hub


I would like to thank you and your team of tutors for your work in the bootcamps. 
They have addressed Rei's areas of weakness and renewed Rei's interest in the subjects, especially for Social Studies. Please continue your company's good work as it truly addresses the lack of humanities tutors in Singapore

Kangelis Lee

Nan Chiau High School 2021

English Language Tuition at Humanities Hub


Before I joined Mr Chong’s English classes, I always detested English as a subject and my results for every single English exam in secondary school were straight Cs, never once a B or an A. As such, my parents were extremely worried about my weak foundation and signed me up for various English tuition classes. Unfortunately, these classes failed to spark my interest in English and my results continued to be stagnant. It was only until Secondary 4 that my parents found Humanities Hub. I was surprised by how different and unique the classes were conducted. There were ample exam-stimulated class practices, and the classes were also well-planned, ensuring that we had adequate practice before our examinations. These regular practices made me start to enjoy learning English as well as gaining a certain level of confidence during exams, which I severely lacked in the past. Mr Chong’s patience and dedication is definitely remarkable! As someone who is super weak in English, I always had many questions for Mr Chong, but he never once brushed me off and patiently clarified things until I understood. Even when I had a C5 for my English and I was devastated because my English O-Level paper was around the corner, Mr Chong kept encouraging me. He continued to mark my extra essay practices and addressed my difficulties that I came across during revision after classes and provided me with immediate feedback, which was impossible to receive in school. Even though it was just an online class, I thought I would miss out some aspects that I would only be able to experience in physical classes. However, Mr Chong managed to make full use of all the technological tools to enhance our learning experience! I never once regretted joining his class and always look forward to his classes even after a hectic day in school. Thank you so much Mr Chong! Without you, my English language would not have improved and I would not have achieved a distinction in my O-level English examinations!

Christabel Toh


Methodist Girls' School 2020

Geography Elective Tuition at Humanities Hub


Before joining Mr Tan's Elective Geography class at Humanities Hub, I was consistently failing class tests and Sec 3 EOY examination. However, after attending just a few months of lessons, I saw a stark improvement in my grades. Mr Tan was very patient in explaining all the concepts and revisiting content from Sec 3. He gave us weekly practice papers to apply the correct concepts and marked all our answers. He was also very keen and helpful to mark any extra work that I had completed. Not only that, he would go through our school tests and exam papers individually to point out our pitfalls and help us improve for the next test. Before and after taking the O level Geography paper, I was able to walk into and out of the examination hall with confidence that I would be able to score a good grade. Thank you Mr Tan for your guidance throughout the year and helping me achieve an A1 for Combined Humanities!

Nellie Lye


Methodist Girls School 2017

History and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Neo is an inspiring teacher who has made me interested in history – a subject I initially abhorred. His notes and materials are concise and he is able to bring his point across in a succinct and concise manner, thus clearing up my misconceptions effectively. In addition, the practices he gave us has enabled me to grasp the techniques needed to answer SBQ questions. Model answers are clear and easy to understand as well.

Mr Tan is a passionate teacher whose enthusiasm is contagious. He is able to condense long chapters into notes which are less than 10 pages long. As such, I no longer need to study from the cumbersome textbook. Furthermore, peer evaluation has allowed me to learn from my peers’ mistakes and it has allowed me to pick up useful keywords. Mr Tan has been pivotal in helping me grasp SBQ answering techniques which I had struggled with initially, making me feel more confident of my ability to handle difficult questions.

Claire Chang


Anglican High School 2021

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Poon is an excellent Social Studies tutor who has very clear teaching styles and always imparts indispensable skills that is vital in acing Social Studies. Mr Poon’s lessons were always very enriching and comprehensive which makes it effortless to grasp the concept that he is teaching us. Furthermore, Mr Poon is very well versed with the requirements of the syllabus, which has definitely put me in good stead to do well in this subject. The weekly timed practices were also paramount in helping me improve in my time management skills. I would like to thank Mr Poon for giving me the confidence to do well in social studies and this achievement would not have been possible without him. I have certainly benefited in a myriad of ways from Mr Poon’s teachings and I would undoubtedly recommend him to anyone who would like to improve in their Social Studies from him.

Emmanuel Cheong


Christchurch Sec 2018

English and SS Tuition at Humanities Hub

Mr Chong, my English tutor, is a great teacher as he is able to facilitate one’s learning and impart to each and every student a joy of learning the language. I went under his care after my mid-year examinations due to my poor English grades, and I could not have made a better choice. As he pushed us harder, I have seen my composition grades moved from 18 to 21, and then to 23/24! He always gave me tips on how to improve and methods to stop existing problems. I am grateful to have him as my English tutor.

Mr Tan, my Social Studies tutor, is the type of tutor who truly motivates his students to strive for better. The method that he used to engage us in lessons always worked and he made hard topics easier to handle. As a student for almost a year, I saw my results rocket from a C6 to a B3 in just 1 term! If you are indecisive about whether or not to place your child under his tutelage, I recommend you to at least try him out!

Foo Ji Tun


Xinmin Secondary 2012 - 2015

Pure Geography Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Ng has been an incredible tutor and I am extremely grateful to him. It is because of him that I have improved so much within such a short period of time. I came to Humanities Hub to take Pure Geography tuition, with my latest results being 18/100 or F9 grade, feeling absolutely demoralised and discouraged, never imagining that I would improve. After applying the correct study techniques, my grades kept improving, and with the newfound confidence given to me by Mr Ng, I was able to achieve a distinction in my O-Level examinations. Mr Ng taught me so much and I truly think that I would never have achieved my distinction if I had not come to him and Humanities Hub. I would recommend Mr Ng to anyone struggling with Geography now. 

Lee Jung Woo

Queenstown Secondary, 2019

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


II felt that by being a part of Humanities Hub and under the guidance of Mr Tan, I have become really motivated in my studies. The meticulous teaching that Mr Tan showcased last year when I was in Secondary 4 has benefitted me in a myriad of ways. He has overturned my negative mindset towards social studies and eventually made me love this subject instead. Not only that, the warm welcome at Humanities Hub by all the teachers and staff made me feel at home too. Lastly, I would like to end off by sharing my gratitude towards Mr Tan who has paved my pathway towards success. Thank you Mr Tan and Humanities Hub!

Jerry Chen

Anglican High, 2019

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Tan is an especially dedicated teacher who knows the subject well. He has the amazing capability of giving his students instant feedback (yes he marks on the spot) and suggestions through his years of teaching experience. His wealth of experience really helped me, who is a science person, methodically handle Social Studies through many step by step approaches. This is something that I’m really grateful for. It has helped me to score well for my O-Level exams and develop a passion for Social Studies

SY Tan


Anglican High School 2021

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Yeong is very patient and thorough in addressing my questions. I was able to clarify all my doubts and improve my answering techniques through the many practice papers done in class with prompt feedback provided.

Teagan Tan Cheng Kai


Beatty Secondary 2017

English Tuition at Humanities Hub


Going for Mr Chong’s English lessons have been an enlightening experience that allowed me to learn from mistakes that I never knew I had both in comprehension and composition. After going for his lessons, I was able to pick up essential skills that I could utilise for my future work. I am grateful to Mr Chong for all that he has taught me and I wish Humanities Hub all the best for their future endeavours!

Shawn Lee


Kuo Chuan Presbyterian High 2017

English Tuition at Humanities Hub


Although I have only attended Mr Chong’s classes for a few months, I feel that my English has improved greatly. I believe this is because Mr Chong is a lively and engaging teacher who makes his English lessons enjoyable and easy to understand.

Jovie Chin


CHIJ St Nicholas Girls, 2019 

Social Studies and Geography Tuition


I really enjoy my lessons here at Humanities Hub as the teachers are very fun and my love for Humanities has grown ever more since. Both my Elective Geography teacher and Social Studies teacher are very reliable and patient to answer any of my queries on skills and concepts and they have made my understanding of Geography and Social Studies much better, and my learning easier with the detailed lesson materials given here at the centre. My grades have indeed improved after coming to Humanities Hub and I would like to thank both Mr Tans for helping me to improve and get better results for both subjects! Thank you!!

Nathanial Sim


Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 2019

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


I really enjoyed my history elective class because I received a wealth of information from each lesson. Ever since my first lesson at Humanities Hub, I have been taught multiple perspectives that the world history has to offer, and studying history has given me insights into the reasons and choices made around the world today. I used to think that studying history would be boring, but now I have discovered that there are no bounds to what history can be applied to, from current affairs to my daily life. History has taught me how to be a better person too. Thank you to my tutor for teaching me history and imparting valuable life lessons!

Liu Deren


Maris Stella, 2012

Victoria Junior College 2013-2014


Dear Mr Chong

I am nearing the end of my 4-year studying journey in Singapore. But everyday I feel more blessed. I keep thinking what I would be like right now if I haven't had the opportunity to come to Singapore and see the world. I can see myself, in 3 months time, sitting in my spacious living room, looking outside the window at the grey winter sky of Xi'an, reminiscing every small and cramped hostel room I have lived while in Singapore. How times fly!


And thanks to you, my passion for English and the English-speaking world will never diminish. It is really like what you have told me, English has brought me to another world that the Chinese language cannot. That is why I am determined to go farther and explore even more of this world!

Thank you for being one of the most important tutors in my life!

Lim Zhi Yuan


Victoria Secondary 2013

Victoria Junior College 2014-2015 

History and Social Studies Tuition, Economics and GP Tuition at Humanities Hub


Both my Social Studies and History tutors have helped me a long way since I joined Humanities Hub. My grades went from a C6 to an A1 for Combined Humanities and I cannot thank them enough. The tutors here are kind, understanding and patient, which led to this great achievement. I sincerely recommend Humanities Hub to anyone who is looking to improve their grades.

Mabel Man


St Nicholas Girls 2011-2014

Nanyang Junior College 2015-2016

History and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


My HH tutors taught me many techniques to tackle History and Social Studies questions. I used to think there wasn't any need for tuition until I failed terribly in school. Even though I joined at the very last minute during my graduating year, I improved from a fail to an A1 in the 2014 O-Level examinations. I am very thankful for all that my tutors helped me with and would recommend Humanities Hub to everyone.

Lim Zhong Han


Maris Stella High 2018

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


I joined Mr Tan’s class just a few months before my O’ Levels. The changes in my SS grades and understanding of the subject were profound and immediate. Mr Tan was patient and passionate when conducting his lesson. Under him, my SS grade slowly improved from an E8 before I started his lessons to eventually get an A2 in Combined Humanities in my O-Levels. I am very grateful for how he has helped me overcome this obstacle in my studies.

Kerrthegaa Gopalan

St Joseph's Convent, 2014

Geography Elective and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Thank you Mr Ng for being such a wonderful Geography teacher and Mr Tan for being a superb Social Studies teacher! Thanks for always feeding us with all the answers too, it is actually very helpful. Also thanks for marking all the essays I gave you even though it was very near the exams. I am glad that my Combined Humanities have improved from a D7 to A2 within these few months and it would not have been possible without your guidance and great notes that you have prepared for us. Thank you once again.

Sharanya Krisnagopal

Crescent Girls' School 2016

Temasek Junior College

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Coming to Humanities Hub helped me improve my Social Studies to a distinction in the 2016 O-Level examinations. The way that my tutor taught was helpful as it made me learn to write in a way that met the level of the Examinations Board, as opposed to what was being taught in school. On top of this, my tutor also gave us ample practice along with detailed error analysis which helped me to understand exactly how to write my essays. Due to the time trials conducted in the class I was able to ensure that time management would not be a problem, thus allowing me to focus on my techniques and content.

Gisele Wang


St Margarets' Secondary 2018

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Tan has always been very caring and observant during Social Studies lessons, he constantly looks out for students who are struggling to keep up and patiently explains the concept of his teaching again. Mr Tan never fails to make his classes entertaining, and at the same time, beneficial by always seeking new ways to engage to engage students during lessons. He also has very well-organised notes allowing me to not panic before the exams.

Madam Koh Swee Chen

Parent of Marcus Teo


Pierce Secondary 2017

Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to you for guiding Marcus on his social studies during the last 6 months before his ‘O’ Level exams.

Knowing that Marcus has always been weak in Social Studies, We started him on tuition during the start of the year. However, his results went from D7 to E8 during his mid-year exams and when we almost gave up hope, we chanced upon Humanities Hub.

Knowing that 6 months is a short time, Mr Tan relentlessly gave Marcus extra test parts to practise and patiently goes over the extra papers with him during his own break time between lessons. It was due to his dedication and selflessness that Marcus is able to achieve a distinction (A2) for his ‘O’ Levels.

Hence, we would like to congratulate Humanities Hub’s success for its ability to achieve such drastic improvement. If bringing a B3 or B4 to a distinction is a walk in the park, bringing an E8 to A2 must felt like scaling Everest. Again, our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Tan and Humanities Hub.

Madam Chong

Parent of Renee Chong


Methodist Girls' School 2010 - 2013

Jurong Junior College 2014 - 2015

History and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


I'm really glad I sent my daughter Renee to Humanities Hub. Besides being experienced and knowledgeable, her History teacher and Social Studies teacher were also very kind and understanding, and not only taught her, but also gave her alot of moral support and confidence when she was not performing well. They thought nothing of spending a few minutes extra time with her before or after the class to re-inforce her learning. The director also kept in touch with the teachers to monitor her progress and updated me. In return, Renee reciprocated with hard work and determination. It's no miracle that she managed to bag an A1 for her Combined Humanities.

Madam Adeline Fung

Parent of Wesley Fung

Fairfield Methodist 2017

Social Studies and Geography Elective at Humanities Hub


We found Humanities Hub at the beginning of this year 2017 through a kind-hearted single mother's recommendation. I would like to thank all the tutors, the two Mr Tans and the Management of Humanities Hub for ALL their help in teaching my Wesley his Social Studies & Geography. He enjoyed every moment at Humanities Hub and he will treasure the time and money I have invested on him.


Special thanks to Ms Mabel and Ms Faezah for their understanding and smooth administration procedures as payment sometimes became a problem when I lost my job at this crucial time when Wesley is about to take his 'O' Levels. Thanks again Mabel, I have not thank you enough. We will remember your kindness towards us. May God Bless You Abundantly, Thank you!

Madam Foo Yong Siu

Parent of Ng Kang Jie

Kranji Secondary 2016

Social Studies and Geography Elective Tuition at Humanites Hub


I am so glad that I registered my son Jie for the combined humanities (Social Studies/Geography) his grade was C5/C6 in school and he was with this tuition centre from August 2016 and with the great teachers that he had for that 3 months he managed an A1 in his O-Level exams. Thank you Humanities Hub ! Hugs and Kisses ! I will definitely recommend this tuition centre to my friends.


H/P. 9661 9760 (Call & Whatsapp)

Email: info@humanitieshub.com

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