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Gerald Lim


Victoria Junior College 2014 - 2015

Geography, General Paper and Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


My Geography tutor played a huge role in helping me to understand the concepts of Geography. With her well grasp of the subject and its contents, she would always patiently answer our questions to ensure that we fully understood all the concepts. She always provided us with very relevant and useful materials, to help us familarise ourselves with the many tricky concepts and diagrams.


While I was only under her guidance for a couple of months,I could see her dedication and commitment to help her students excel, as she often tailored the speed of her classes to accommodate all her students to ensure that everyone benefited from her lessons.


My General Paper tutor really made GP an enjoyable subject to learn. She always provided us with the latest news on a whole spectrum of topics, just to keep us up-to-date about current affairs. Not only that, Ms C also often provided us with a whole collection of extremely useful and relevant notes, which really helped us to master the necessary skills to excel in GP and which served us very well before examinations. I believe that another of Ms C's strengths is her ability to provide clear and concise explanations, and to facilitate discussion among her students.


Throughout the year under her guidance, while also seeing an improvement in my GP grades, I believe I have also gained greater interest in writing and also keeping up with current affairs.


I'm very thankful to have been able to be under the guidance of my Economics tutor. With him, every lesson was sure to be thorough, insightful and useful.


He would always go through a wide range of questions in class to equip us with the relevant skills and knowledge to tackle different types of questions. Every question gone through in class was also broken down into a step-by-step analysis along with detailed explanations to facilitate understanding.


He is very well-versed in terms of the syllabus and content of the subject. Unlike many other tutors, he tries to make his classes applicable by relating many Economics concepts to real life examples, while also making lessons fun and engaging for students.


My HH tutor certainly helped me gained a better understanding of Economics. Thank you for all your guidance and help, sir! Without you, I would definitely not have been able to improve so much!

Cheryl Lee


Temasek Junior College 2021 

General Paper and EconoTuition at Humanities Hub


My experience at the Humanities Hub over the past 2 years was nothing short of exciting, enjoyable and value-adding. The tutors here are very committed, friendly and are very flexible in modifying and tailoring the content taught in lessons to cater to our needs.

Recognising that JC and the 'A' Levels constitute a significant part of our educational journey, the tutors have unceasingly rendered emotional and moral support to us and reminded us that we are embarking on this journey towards As together. This reassurance helped ignite confidence in my abilities and the desire for self-betterment.

My GP tutor, Mr Chong, devotes time and commitment toward understanding each individual student’s interests, weaknesses as well as writing styles. Through a more targeted approach, he would try to customise lesson plans and streamline the material covered and practices accordingly to suit the needs of the class, such as trying to cover essay topics that are more relevant to us. An experienced tutor, Mr Chong never fails to give us effective suggestions in terms of laying down key actionable steps and crucial study tips to grasp the subject demands and subsequently improve our scores in GP. As a student with a weaker foundation in English language, Mr Chong helped me improve from a 'D' to an 'A' which I never thought was possible. Thank you so much for your guidance, Mr Chong :))!

Mr Koh is very familiar with the Economics syllabus and how the teaching methodologies and way in which the content is taught differs for different JCs. Each lesson is structured in such a way that it supplements our learning in school, strengthening content mastery and sharpening key answering structures. Furthermore, the lesson content is really detailed and targeted such that it helps us clear our misconceptions! Lessons here are interactive and two-way, where we are able to ask questions freely to clarify any doubts we have (even from school) and enjoy the process of learning in a safe, conducive setting. Mr Koh would always offer to arrange additional consultations if we have major exams coming up, or just need help catching up! A big thank you to both tutors!

Zou Hai Wen


Meridian Junior College 2018 

Economics & History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Our Economics tutor, Mr Koh, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. Despite only joining the class 5 months before the A-Levels, our grades have definitely improved after attending his lessons. Mr Koh is able to break down concepts to make them much easier to understand and makes sure that everyone understands before moving on. His notes and model answers are immensely helpful too! Not only are his lessons useful and engaging, Mr Koh is also extremely dedicated and approachable, willing to spend the time before and after lessons for consults. He has really helped make Econs enjoyable and we thank him for his amazing guidance and notes!

Our History tutor, Mr Ng is incredibly knowledgeable with a wealth of examples that really helped us in our essay writing. He is very dedicated and is more than willing to help us mark our extra essays. His help has been impactful in brushing up our essay and source-based skills. He provided valuable feedback and constantly helped us improve. The resources given were also very helpful in our content building. He takes time to explain our misconceptions and the mistakes we make in our essays. He has truly made history come to life with his wit and helpful anecdotes when explaining historical events. We are really glad we found Mr Ng and thank you so much for all your invaluable guidance throughout the year!

Sonam Kusurkar


Anglo Chinese Junior College 2017

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is a highly engaging and approachable Economics teacher and his lessons are extremely useful, insightful and productive. He explains concepts in detail and guides us along every step of the way. His genuine passion for the subject makes his lessons enjoyable and his explanations interesting, and he supplements concepts with relevant examples while teaching, making it easy for me to recall what he has explained even much later. His thorough and engaging lessons, along with useful guiding techniques transformed my fear of technical economic explanations and graphs into an appreciation and understanding of them. He is highly knowledgeable in the precise demands of the subject, leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion. Overall, Mr Koh is a highly effective, dedicated and amiable teacher who always goes the extra mile for his students!

Jonathan Wong


Dunman High School 2018 - 2019 

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is a very patient and dedicated teacher. He always makes sure his students get the specific concepts right and really tries to make sure everyone in class is on the same page, even if it means he has to repeat himself over and over again. His dedication has also spurred me to try my best for Economics even though it is not a subject I am particularly good at. He even makes time to meet students before lessons to go through questions/papers to correct the mistakes we make, and he will definitely go out of his way to make sure his students are prepared for the examinations. Thank you Mr Koh!

Lee Huiying


Temasek Junior College 2017

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Before I joined the History tuition class at Humanities Hub, I was barely passing the subject in school. I would always get grades like S or E, sometimes if I was lucky, a D.

During my first lesson, I was already feeling comfortable and more confident as Mr Matthew Quek (my international history tutor) was very welcoming and he took the time to talk to me and got to know me more so that he could understand which part of the subject I was weak at. His clear explanations, coupled with his good sense of wit and humour, helped me understand Global Economy so much better since I do not take Economics in school. Other than content, he also tackles answering skills and reminds us of the answering format every lesson.

My SEA history tutor, Mr Ng, was also coherent in his explanations and he was also very encouraging. He listened to the ideas from every student but he did not rudely put their ideas down at all but instead, he chose to humbly recommend us other ways or approaches we could answer the question better. His essay outlines were also easy to understand. Like Mr Quek, he too focused on answering techniques to help us get to a higher band in our answers. 

I am super grateful to have both Mr Quek and Mr Ng as my history tutors as they have helped me fall in love with the subject once again, hence helping me achieve an A during my 2017 A Levels. Thank you Mr Quek and thank you Mr Ng. Lastly, thank you Humanities Hub for being so encouraging and offering us food and snacks all the time to make us more relaxed and less stressed

Reshma Kaur


Tampines Junior College 2015 - 2016 

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


I entered Humanities Hub for General Paper under Mr Chong after my devastating O Level English grade of B4. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to do well in GP with a B4. But with Mr Chong’s guidance, I managed to get an A in GP in the A Levels, after getting an E for Prelims, and never getting an A for GP in my entire JC life!

Honestly, I didn’t even think that I would get a B! I still remember how Mr Chong would encourage me saying, “Reshma you can get your A!”, and I would smile back saying, “Ahh, I’ll try my best, I got an E for Prelims! There’s no way I am going to even get a B!”. I really doubted my abilities. But Mr Chong was so motivational, I used to write for him an essay and an AQ almost every week in the months leading up to the A Levels, and he would mark my essays and give me constructive feedback (even on the same day!) and they cumulatively really pushed me to write even better.

Mr Chong’s notes were really effective and rich in examples - which is what every GP student is hungry for! I also really enjoyed the way he trained us for Paper 2, by giving us a comprehension to do every week and going through our answers individually with us the following week so that we could really see our mistakes and work on them. Paper 2 was always my weakest section, and I remember failing it terribly in almost every GP exam because my answers were not concise. But Mr Chong really told me exactly how to tackle the question in a very systematic way and I deeply appreciated that.

To all GP students out there, you are in good hands with Humanities Hub! Do your best and really push yourself all the way because trust me, IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT! And once again, thank you so much Mr Chong! I love GP! 

Lynn Neo


Meridian Junior College 2017

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


My tutors are very familiar with the syllabus, skills and content required, allowing them to conduct their lessons which maximised my learning. Furthermore, the advice they provided to us students are extremely valuable and aided my learning tremendously. They are more than happy to answer our queries patiently after classes to ensure that we reap the most out of each session. The things which they taught definitely boosted my confidence and I was no longer daunted by having to do a History paper. Although I only joined the centre 3 months before the A-Levels, I managed to make the most out of every lesson with the help of my tutors. I am indeed very grateful to both of them for their guidance and unwavering support throughout this period

Jorynn Li


Serangoon Junior College 2013

Was Awarded MOE Teaching Scholarship 

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


I always enjoyed History classes in school but I was struggling to do well in the subject since secondary school. Upon joining Humanities Hub, I met teachers who were passionate about History and dedicated to imparting all that they know to their students. My History tutors thoroughly covered content, writing skills and even exam strategies in class, and I was highly encouraged and motivated to do my best for the subject. In addition, the tutors were selfless in the way they shared their materials, gave additional time for consultations and lessons were always conducted in an interactive and interesting way. They were also committed in marking the extra essays that we submitted and helped to look through our exam papers to advise us on how we could improve.

All in all, I will like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and staff for making my learning journey in Humanities Hub an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling one. I am thankful for the different forms of encouragements and support lavished unto me throughout my time with the centre.

Emmanuel Cheong


Eunoia Junior College 2019 - 2020

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


After 3 years under Mr Chong's tutelage (starting from Secondary 4), my interest in the language and subject exponentially increased. His teaching really spurred me to delve deeper into society and it's flaws. It has been a pleasure to bounce ideas off during class and to exchange different viewpoints with Mr Chong. He is an amazing tutor, not only a fountain of knowledge but also my guide in intellectual thought. May he continue to inspire others like me to not only be more knowledgeable about the world around them, and also not be afraid to speak up. God bless you, Mr Chong, and all the best! 

Wang Xueming


Raffles Institution 2018-2019 

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is a patient and experienced teacher who is willing to take the time after class to explain to me concepts I do not understand easily in Economics. He has his own unique set of strategies and methods to approach the subject matter. Under his guidance, Economics became easier and more straightforward and learning it wasn't as difficult anymore.

Darren Tan


St Andrews Junior College 2013 

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Humanities Hub has definitely helped me improve my History. The friendly history teachers never fail to constantly engage the class and ensure that every lesson is just as interesting as the previous one. Their desire to teach and hope that we excel motivates us to do our very best. This is the place to be for anyone that requires extra help for their History.

Natasha Liem


Anglo-Chinese Junior College 2017 

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is a super dedicated and experienced teacher. He plans each of his lessons ahead of time and ever since joining Mr Koh’s classes, my Economics grades have shown a great improvement. Mr Koh makes Econs much simpler and easier to understand and not only does Mr Koh clarify our questions well, he comes up with many different strategies and finds the best possible way of explaining the concept to ensure that our doubts have been clarified. In addition, Mr Koh’s patience and dedication encourages his students to do well and motivates us to work hard. Without his guidance, I wouldn’t have been as confident in Econs as I am now.

Russell Vaz


Raffles Institution 2015-2016

Saint Joseph's Institution 2014

General Paper and Economics Tuition
History Elective and Social Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub

My experience with Humanities Hub was undoubtedly a positive one. Every lesson was both enjoyable and extremely beneficial. Concepts were clearly elucidated and errors or misunderstandings were patiently and accurately explained. Thanks to Humanities Hub, all my subjects improved tremendously!

Thank you Mr Sunny Chong, my General Paper tutor, for all your hard work and dedication these past 2 years. From your tireless reminders on our weaknesses and the invaluable help given in rectifying them. Your energetic manner also made the lessons both enjoyable and memorable. You are truly one of the best teachers I've had. Thank you!

Nicole Leung


Victoria Junior College 2013 - 2014

Geography Tuition at Humanities Hub


I am so thankful to have had my HH Geography tutor for the past year. Committed and kind, she would patiently answer any queries, ensuring that we were familiar with tricky concepts or diagrams. Besides her astounding grasp of content knowledge, she was equally adept at teaching us critical essay skills. My personal stumbling block was always an inability to craft great, structured essays under timed conditions. However with Ms Z’s guidance, I was able to overcome this problem within the short span of a few months.


I believe that one of Ms Z’s special traits is her ability to tailor her teaching styles to suit different students. She did not just teach us the key concepts, but also provided us with highly relevant material and examples. Extremely attentive, she would adjust the pace and style of her lessons according to our needs and varying difficulties we were facing.


Ms Z’s dedication to her students was especially apparent during the lead up to the A levels. She not only gave us additional academic help and practices, but also offered us emotional support and guidance to alleviate our worries. She went above and beyond what I had expected and I am so grateful for all of her help thus far. Thank you Ms Z! This was a battle that I could not have fought without you!

Fabian Siau


Victoria Junior College 2014 - 2015 

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Steadfast and confident,Mr Ng is able to deliver lessons in a structured manner that is comprehensible for his students. He is able to organise our essays in a coherent framework that addresses the question without wasting time and effort on unnecessary details. He is also well versed with the syllabus, and was able to provide specific advice on how to improve – be it in terms of writing or content. Even though different schools adopt varying approaches to the History syllabus, Mr Ng proved to be comfortable with modifying his advice and suggestions to suit each student’s needs.

Jonathan Gwee


Anglo-Chinese Junior College 2018 - 2019 

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Chong has guided me in developing critical thinking and analytical skills, which helped me to improve in GP. His energetic and passionate teaching truly deepened my interest in the subject. Mr Chong’s dedication was pivotal in my learning process. He specifically targeted areas which needed improvement, enabling me to quickly finetune examination techniques and even improve my time management with the advice he imparted. He made lessons engaging with his fascinating insights and interactive approach to teaching. My journey in Humanities Hub was made exciting and enriching by a wonderful teacher!

Lam Cheng Han


Innova Junior College 2017-2018 

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


I would like to express my gratitude and thank Mr Koh for being my Economics tutor. I think he has a great teaching style in which he take different sources and combine them into a simplified version which will help us to “digest” the knowledge easily. Mr Koh is a very friendly and dedicated tutor, always taking time off his work and busy schedule for consultations and marking our extra essays. Last but not least, under the guidance of Mr Koh, my H2 Economic results have improved tremendously over the past 2 years. I had a fun and enriching time learning from Mr Koh!

Mindy Long


Tampines-Meridien College 2019 

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Ng did an excellent and effective job helping me clear my doubts regarding numerous history topics, especially SEA history and also in rectifying the conceptual mistakes made by my school teachers, mostly regarding SBS. Moreover, he marked my essays and handed them back to me promptly, offering useful constructive criticism and advice on how to improve on them in the process as well. Moreover, his hilarious personality never renders a lesson boring or dull, while his frequent questions has the capability to engage and involve everyone in the class in a way that doesn't feel forced. Lastly, Mr Ng's method of meticulously unpacking prelim paper questions before the A-Levels helped in enhancing my understanding and discerning of different question-types, allowing me to be able to pick up certain conceptual and key words.

Hsu Jing Yi


Dunman High School 2012 - 2013

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


At Humanities Hub, lessons with our General Paper tutor were not solely about making the grade but about exploring the knowledge and skills that GP is comprised of. The weekly classes became an anticipated affair because every week brought insightful discussions and meaningful lessons learnt. Attaining the 'A' can definitely not be compared to my two years of learning and growth.

GP with our tutor has enriched my JC experience. I have enjoyed this unique learning opportunity, and this I feel was the greatest takeaway I could have ever asked for.


Loh Wen Qi


Eunoia Junior College 2017 - 2018

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is nothing short of competent and effective when it comes to teaching. From a utilitarian perspective, his carefully curated notes are both concise and comprehensive; His meticulous and detailed coverage of all question types and permutations allowed me to walk into the examination hall with an unshakeable confidence that I was well-equipped with the skills needed to tackle any questions the examiners could possibly throw in my direction, even curveballs.

Beyond preparing me for the A-Levels, Mr Koh’s passion for the subject, conveyed through the personal anecdotes he would weave into his lessons of Economics applied in real life, cultivated a similar passion in me and made my study of the subject significantly more meaningful that it would have been had I not studied under Mr Koh.

Of course, my experience at Humanities Hub would not have been complete without the care and help extended by the staff. Thank you for everything.

Twinkle Shakthi


Eunoia Junior College 2019

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Even though I managed to attain fair results prior to joining the Economics tuition class at HH, I was not confident of sustaining my scores as I thought I lacked in specific aspects when answering certain questions. However, when I joined the class, I was amazed to see how patient and passionate Mr Koh was in teaching the subject. He never hesitated to answer and clarify our doubts and was always willing to stay back to explain concepts to us and go through our essays. I have learnt a lot from him because of his dedication and the hard work he puts in for his students. I managed to get an 'A' in H2 Economics all thanks to Mr Koh. Thank you Mr Koh for everything!

Ryan Loh

Yishun-Innova JC 2019-2020 

General Paper and History Tuition at Humanities Hub


For Mr Chong (General Paper):

Mr Chong has always made General Paper and English a fun experience to learn. Before joining Humanities Hub in Sec 4, I was struggling to even score a pass in my GCE ‘O’ Level English in school. However, upon joining Mr Chong’s English class, he helped me improve from a C6 in English to an A2 at the GCE ‘O’ Level exams. I continued on with Mr Chong’s lessons in JC, and despite General Paper being a substantially tougher subject than ‘O’ Level English, his passion in the subject, which was evidenced by his arsenal of useful tips and examples he gave his students as well as the willingness to provide personal feedback to every one of his students had helped me press on for the two years in JC. It is the confidence and perseverance he had in me which had helped me attain an A grade for General Paper at the GCE ‘A’ Levels. I am really glad I found Mr Chong and thank you so much for your constant invaluable guidance throughout my ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level journey!

For Mr Ng (History):

Before joining History tuition at Humanities Hub, I was struggling to pass the subject in school very badly. I would get at most an S grade in the school examinations, which was rare to begin with, making me frustrated and regret taking the subject.

However, upon joining Mr Ng’s History class, my perception of the subject changed a lot. Even though it took a while to drop all the bad habits I had in the subject such as the long, inefficient writing methods I was used to, Mr Ng never gave up on me and tirelessly reviewed my work with me personally, going so far as to stay back behind for me to clarify my doubts and mark any extra work I had. The feedback he provided during every review was clear and straight to the point. Despite me making some mistakes in writing multiple times, he made sure to remind me every time during the reviews to make sure that I would amend those mistakes immediately, especially with regard to bad habits. His efforts eventually helped me to start doing better in History and made me begin to like the subject. Mr Ng was also very proactive in providing resources for revision, giving us his own notes that were more concise than some of the school notes which greatly aided in our revision for History. I am immensely grateful to have Mr Ng as my History tutor, especially for the help he has provided in the journey to the A Level exams. Thank you Mr Ng for all the help that you have provided me these two years!

Hana Tam


National Junior College 2014 - 2015

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


My HH Econs tutor was a wonderful teacher, who made Economics both fun and interesting. His lessons were easy to understand, and my Economics grade improved from a E in JC1 to an A for the JC2 CTs and the 'A' Levels. His explanation of concepts was clear and detailed, and I learnt how to structure my essays and answer case study questions effectively.

Genevieve Loy


Meridian Junior College 2017

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


My H2 History teachers in Humanities Hub were extremely helpful from the time I joined (2 months before the A Levels) right up until the actual A-Levels. They were always willing to answer my extra questions and clarify things I did not understand, even though my questions held them back after class for hours. They have been extremely patient with me, especially since I joined the class with very weak foundations. HH has devoted teachers and friendly staff and I am now ready to face the A-Levels with confidence!

Chloe Chew


Temasek Junior College 2020 

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Chong is a passionate teacher who has truly been of great help in the course of my education journey. He is very knowledgeable and will definitely keep you on your toes about recent affairs. From as far as I can remember, English has never been one of my best subjects and initially, I truly dreaded it. However, with the help and support of Mr Chong, I gradually became more confident of my abilities and have improved dramatically from where I originally was.

The GP class notes are concise and organised and I have never found it too overwhelming to study. Furthermore, as every student's interest lies in different topics, Mr Chong would provide extra notes for particular GP topics in order to tailor to the needs of each individual. He would even stay back after class to answer any queries that students might have which proves his dedication for teaching and genuine care for his students.

Overall, I am highly appreciative of the quality education and high level of proficiency of both the tutors and staff. They have not only provided me with the means to do well academically but also the support and confidence to sit through the stressful A-levels exams.

Jolene Ng


Tampines JC Top A Level Student

Singapore Management University – Law

Tampines Junior College 2011 - 2012

Economics, General Paper & China Studies Tuition at Humanities Hub


When I crossed into my second year in JC, I had a desire to perform better than I did for my promotional examinations. It was then that I came across a flyer given out by Humanities Hub, a tuition centre which prides itself as the only one-stop education centre for Humanities students in Singapore. I decided to enroll myself in EconomicsChina Studies in English and General Paper classes and it was a decision that I did not regret.


My Economics tutor is a true blue Economics guru. His mastery of the subject made me confident that I was in good hands. In class, he would dissect seemingly intimidating case studies in a stepwise manner and extract relevant information that would help us answer the questions that followed. As he took us through various types of exam questions, he never failed to prove to us that even difficult questions can be tackled with ease as long as the right skills were applied. He took care that we comprehended every concept taught, and would not hesitate to clear our doubts with utmost patience and clarity. He would also tirelessly mark students’ written work and provide excellent feedback. Outside of class, he showed concern for students’ wellbeing and would ensure that we were coping well in school. I found myself looking forward to every Economics lesson as I knew I could expect a fun, interactive and meaningful session with a teacher who is an expert in the field. After every lesson, I left knowing that I was a step closer to achieving my A.


My China Studies in English tutor, who also specialises in History, is one who has a complete grasp of the syllabus and exam requirements. Under his tutelage, the different themes – each representing a different aspect of contemporary China – came alive to me. I soon began to enjoy the subject immensely. I was many times humbled by my tutor’s wit and intellect that made his lessons engaging and fruitful at the same time. Not only is he a passionate educator who genuinely wants to see his students perform well, he is equally passionate about the subjects he teaches. In class, we were constantly challenged to think critically and to look at issues from multiple perspectives. These skills proved to be vitally important in most other Humanities subjects, and, more importantly, indispensable skills to possess in the 21st century. I am very grateful to have found a teacher who transformed a subject that was once foreign to me, to one through which I learnt more about the world.


My General Paper tutor is extremely well-read and knowledgeable. She is well-aware of global happenings and would make every attempt to relate them to her teachings in class. She has a vast wealth of knowledge ranging from history to politics to religion, making her lessons interesting. Every lesson, she would come prepared with quality materials that covered both content and skills. These materials served as useful revision tools for examinations as they contained, among other things, very practical advices and tips to do well for GP. She trained us to choose the right essay questions and taught us how to analyse them in such a way that the question requirements were clear. She made sure that our questions were attended to and would, to the best of her ability, clear our doubts before moving on. Her friendly demeanour makes her very approachable and she would not hesitate to mark extra practices or stay back after classes to answer students’ queries. I enjoyed her lessons very much.


I am thankful for the quality education that my tutors provided me with and for the faith that they had in me, even at times when I doubted myself. I would highly recommend Humanities Hub to those who wish to receive a first-rate Humanities education and see their grades improve. Thank you, Humanities Hub, once again!

Hazel Khoo Shyi Yi


Nanyang Junior College 2018 

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is a incredibly competent and knowledgeable teacher that is able to explain the seemingly complex economics concepts and graphs in a step-wise manner that is simple to understand and absorb. I only joined his tuition class from June onwards (in JC2) after I read about this tuition online, hoping that my Economics would improve as I was always failing my school examinations. To my surprise, his lessons and resources helped me improve immensely that within months, I attained a C in my prelims and subsequently an A in my A Levels, which i definitely would not obtain without his help! 


He often goes through with us common misconceptions and frequently tested concepts/questions be it in essays or CSQs that proved to be really helpful.Thank you so much for going the extra mile, always staying back after lessons to clarify my doubts especially when I joined without knowing how to draw or interpret most Economics graph. I am really grateful for your guidance and concise topical notes!

Nurul Iman


Tampines Meridien JC 2021

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Before joining Humanities Hub, my history grades were never above a ‘E’ grade. As I entered my second year in JC, I sought out ways to maximise my potential and decided to join Humanities Hub’s history classes after trying out the December 2020 holiday programme.

My tutor, Mr Ng was extremely dedicated and would constantly go the extra mile for his students. He always encouraged us to ask questions and clarified every single one of my queries, no matter how simple it was. He created an environment which encouraged productive discussions in his classes, and taught us innovative ways to sharpen our essay writing skills. He had a systematic approach in how he conducted his lessons, provided us with constructive feedback. Additionally, he made learning history fun as he added in extra anecdotes which contributed to making the experience of learning history fulfilling and joyful. Under his guidance, I was able to achieve an A grade for history at the A level exams. Thank you so much for everything Mr Ng, I will really miss your lessons!

Jos Lau


Raffles Institution 2021

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


Over the 5 months that I am enrolled in the General Paper class, I find Mr Chong engaging and dedicated. He gives us frequent practices and allows us to share our responses with the rest of the class, which I find particularly useful since I not only learn from my mistakes, but also learn from others. Due to his feedback and advice, I find myself being able to answer questions better. The resources he provides are also useful for us to improve our content knowledge, as well as find new tactics to answer questions. Thank you Mr Chong for helping me get an A!

Michelle Tan


Jurong Junior College 2018

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Chong printed relevant articles for us and had each of us express our opinions on various issues, helping us think flexibly. He marked our essays on the spot so that we could get immediate feedback and correct it right away in our next assignment. I also love the way he goes through the General Paper 2 where we listened to other students’ answers, and we learnt to differentiate between what should and should not be written. He also pointed out key words in the question so that we would not fall into a trap or misinterpret a question. His classes were very interactive and way more effective than a whole week of classes at school, and for that I was able to attain an A for GP, so thank you Mr Chong!

Lim Zhi Yong


Catholic Junior College 2019

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Chong has a broad knowledge and deep insight about many popular topics in General Paper. He is able to accommodate for students of different interests, and his targeted teaching style helps to correct the weaknesses of his students effectively. By quickly identifying individual mistakes in their assignments, he provides specific comments and suggestions to help students improve. In the short time that I spent under his tutelage, I was most impressed with his laser-focused attention towards the areas of weaknesses of each student. During class, I felt comfortable consulting him about some of my struggles in General Paper. He was sharp to catch onto the crux of the issue, and could give personalised feedback on ways to improve. This level of attention is hard to come by in most GP classes in school, as the timetable is tight and the classroom size is larger. I highly recommend students to sign up for his classes, as they have been highly engaging and enriching, given Mr Chong’s easy-going personality and extremely capable intellect.

Temira Chandra


Temasek Junior College 2019

History Tuition at Humanities Hub

Mr Ng has been an amazing tutor who has helped me truly understand the intricacies of H2 History and overcome all the difficulties that the subject entails. Mr Ng has broken down the overwhelming content on the syllabus into simple trends and timelines for us to follow, while the actual structures and skills necessary to answer the tough history questions have been well-explained and illustrated too. Since JC2 has started, history has only gotten harder but with the aid of Mr Ng, my grades have never dropped. Mr Ng is a JC History tutor I would highly recommend!

Bryan Cho


Private Candidate 2018

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


I would sincerely like to thank the dedicated and passionate Humanities Hub team and teachers, for making the impossible possible, resulting in an A for my H2 History. As a private candidate attempting the GCE Advanced Levels the first time, History was indeed a subject that many students and I feared, as it requires in-depth analytical and critical thinking skills and a high level of historical knowledge. However, after religiously attending History lessons at Humanities Hub, I began to develop the skills required for History, and my results started to improve at a tremendous rate. I would definitely recommend Humanities Hub to any JC student who wishes to improve, or simply maintain their results. 


Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr Ng for always being encouraging and supportive during my stint in Humanities Hub. Mr Ng would not only mark my additional essays and work, but also ensured that my doubts for History were well-elucidated and clarified.

Lim Sue Qin


Dunman High School 2013 - 2014 

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


My HH tutor is a very dedicated History teacher who is willing to provide thorough notes and outlines when one asks. He will always try to clarify any doubts we have. When one attends his lessons, he will always attempt to make the lessons more interesting through his fun facts. He is a great teacher who will definitely make the A-Level journey seem less tough!

Tan Qian Wei


Raffles Institution 2017

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is a patient and committed teacher. He takes the time to explain concepts in an easily understood manner, which helped to clarify my misconceptions. Drawing on his extensive experience, he taught us how to recognise common question types and structure our essays effectively. I appreciated his willingness to stay after lesson hours just to clarify our doubts. With his guidance, I was motivated to work harder and managed to gain greater confidence in Economics. Thank you so much!

Benjamin Auyong Dornel


Yishun JC Top A Level Student

Yishun Junior College 2011 - 2012

Economics & History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Unlike most students, I only began going for tuition in the second year of JC. I realised at some point, that I was beginning to fall behind. In school, I found myself swamped by an incredible amount of H2 History content, and began to struggle. Dealing with both the history of the Cold War and its aftermath as well as the history of South East Asia was no easy feat. It was at this point I began to search for history tuition. Because I felt weak in South East Asian history, I signed up for tuition at Humanities Hub. The next few months were undeniably tough, even with tuition, but I slowly found myself performing better. My tutor provided a unique viewpoint on Southeast Asia, and linked countries together, creating a coherent and cogent image of the region in my mind. I particularly liked how he utilised the whiteboard, using varying colours and diagrams to illustrate his points and concepts (such as national identity). As a visual learner, this helped me greatly. He also provided notes that supplemented my own as well as my school's notes. With his help, I made a lot of ground in just a few weeks. He encouraged group interaction, and was generally very open-minded, discussing Singapore and its relationship with its neighbours thoroughly. History soon became more than a subject to me, and I found myself beginning to enjoy history lessons, both in and out of school. I nearly topped my cohort during Prelims, a very remarkable feat considering I had been failing previously. In my school teacher's words, I went from "zero to hero". While I did not score an A for my History A Levels, I still got a reasonable B. I regretted not signing up for International History at Humanities Hub, as this might have led me to an A. Despite not scoring an A, I am still very grateful to Humanities Hub and my tutor.

Judy Zhang


Temasek Junior College 2017

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh always breaks down concepts clearly, step-by-step, and explains complicated ideas very well in class. I didn't understand the multiplier effect until I attended his lessons. His lessons also gave us great practice on breaking down essay questions under timed conditions, which was very important in scoring well for Economics. Personally, I feel like I had learnt a lot from the lessons as they were very productive, and studying the case studies of different countries' economies makes Economics so much more understandable in the real world context. I was consistently failing Economics from J1 to scoring 46 (an E) in Prelims but somehow managed to get an A for the A Levels! I am certain this is the result of attending Mr Koh's lessons faithfully in the run up to the A-Levels examinations. He also addresses our concerns and questions very well, and makes time for any clarifications we may have before and after class. Overall, he's a pretty great teacher!

Isabella Chua


Tampines Junior College 2011 - 2012

History and China Studies in English Tuition at Humanities Hub


From someone who couldn't differentiate between Suharto and Sukarno, to obtain an A for H2 History is beyond my wildest imagination. My tutor is not just a brilliant teacher who is History whiz, but a vivid storyteller as well, regaling us with fascinating yet relevant information about the subject, and constantly challenging us with alternative viewpoints. He is so good that he is able to turn any of your opinions into strong arguments, thus giving me the necessary confidence to excel. I am eternally grateful for his teachings and warm-heartedness. 

I have always been keen on China Studies, although it is a subject that will draw odd looks or a few sneers from others. I liked it because it is such a dynamic subject, where our understanding of the country and its politics (almost the same thing seeing that CCP shapes China) are constantly challenged by recent happenings. My tutor, with his seasoned skepticism and wit, always helps us analyse the loopholes in Chinese politics, and contradiction in the actions by politicians. He draws his students out on their own pace, allowing them to sharpen their own arguments over time, instead of force feeding us with model answers that just wouldn't work for contemporary China Studies (since its a fluid subject). For practical students out there untouched by my personal sentiments, he also provides a variety of essay structures that will differentiate you from your peers. As for Independent Studies, my tutor is tireless in critically assessing weak arguments, correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes (see how thorough he is?) and giving mind-blowing insights that will make you question the standard of your own work, but if you follow through with his advice, you'll most probably get an A too.

Joey Ong


Innova Junior College 2014 - 2015 

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Humanities Hub is a tuition centre with the most hardworking and dedicated teachers. Mr Ng, my History teacher is very understanding and his lessons are very well planned. He gives students a no nonsense guide to score in the A-Level examinations and his lessons are fun and entertaining as well. With his guidance, I managed to improve my history grade from a U grade in school to an A at the A-Levels. Mr Ng is patient with his students and the rigour his students endure only drives us to do even better. With Mr Ng’s help, I managed to grasp concepts that eluded me and the complexities of History seemed to be that of a distant memory.

Ho Yew Han


Eunonia Junior College 2017 - 2018

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Before I joined Humanities Hub, I was barely scraping an E for Economics in school. I've only managed to score and excel in the subject afterwards solely because of the help of my Economics tutor Mr Koh.


Mr Koh is a highly competent, extremely experienced and effective tutor that has managed to spark my interest in Economics and helped me score for the subject. His lessons are well structured, comprehensive and easy to understand. With his years of experience teaching the subject, Mr Koh has managed to dissect the toughest economic concepts and essay questions with ease and confidence. His notes are extremely concise and succinct, which aided me in applying content to essays. More importantly, he provided us with an extensive repository of detailed essay structures, outlines and sample essays. These resources and his tutelage have enabled me to formulate coherent and analytically rigorous essays.


He regularly encourages us to practise and he willingly marks all my essays and case studies. More importantly, he gives detailed comments and step-by-step instructions on how to improve and get the A grade. His pragmatic approach and constant emphasis on practising, applying and strategizing has definitely helped me perform during exams.


I am extremely heartened and grateful to be Mr Koh’s student - his guidance was pivotal and indispensable in helping me excel in Economics. There is no doubt that Mr Koh was instrumental in helping a mediocre student like me do well in the A Levels. Thank you very much Mr Koh!

Eunice Tan


Saint Andrews Junior College 2012-2013

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Ask me how confident I was in securing an A for History 3 months before the A Level examinations, my answer would have been a definite no. This was one of the reasons that prompted me to join Humanities Hub’s H2 History classes, which was in all honesty, one of the best decisions I have made.


Southeast Asian History lessons were interactive and highly engaging. My tutor’s professionalism and dedication ensured the garnering of important skills in essay writing such as the development of arguments and even down to essential details like the arrangement of your arguments. Likewise for International History, lessons were enriching and thought-provoking. The tutor’s guidance will develop your ability to construct sound arguments in your essays and train up strong SBQ writing skills.


Within a short span of 3 months, my ability to construct, develop and present convincing arguments improved significantly. Under the guidance provided by my tutors, I was able to secure an A at the A-Level examinations (something that I wouldn’t have dreamt of before!). At Humanities Hub, you can trust that you will benefit from the lessons, much thanks to the competence and commitment of their experienced tutors.

Ong YJ


Serangoon Junior College 2018

Economics and History Tuition at Humanities Hub

My History tutors, Mr Ng and Mr Quek were really patient with the class and what I appreciated about them was that he always guided us through the thought process behind answering essay questions instead of giving us standard arguments. This really helped to hone the skills behind history and boosted my grades magnificently, especially in the A-Level examinations.

Mr Koh, my Economics tutor, always engaged the class in discussions actively and makes sure we understood every single concept there is to Economics. He had made the subject way more enjoyable and had greatly increased my interest in wanting to know more because I realised I managed to clear my many misconceptions and questions I had. I also appreciate the additional time he puts aside for consultations in order to clear up further doubts.

Sheena Tan


Anglo-Chinese Junior College 2018-2019 

General Paper Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Chong is an excellent tutor who makes an effort to revise the strategy we should have when tackling GP. His systematic way of teaching the subject allows you to understand what is required in the exam, and how to answer the questions with accuracy. He is also a fun and understanding teacher who makes GP lessons less dreary. The extra practice nearer to the examinations also help us hone our skills to be more prepared for A-Level GP. Thank you  Mr Chong!

Lee Yong Xin


Dunman High 2020

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


I joined the HH tuition pretty late in July (JC2) because I was struggling with some of the concepts and the immense amount of content to digest. However, Mr Ng really helped me each time I had queries and patiently marked many of the essays I passed to him. His outlines for various questions and the timelines that he drew out during lessons also helped me categorise many of the different question types and essential content needed. I'm very thankful for Mr Ng and the exam tips he gave really helped me obtain the A grade I wanted for my A levels!

Vanessa Cheong


Innova Junior College 2013 - 2014

Economics and History Tuition at Humanities Hub


Despite being terribly hopeless in grasping the various concepts in Economics, my HH tutor was really patient and repeatedly taught them to me, ensuring that I understood and knew how to apply them! I always look forward to attending his lessons because they are really enjoyable. His notes are really helpful as well, aiding my   revision in my own time. It is thanks to him that I manage to salvage my dismal grades for economics in the preliminary examinations. I will definitely recommend my juniors and all sitting for the A' Levels to enroll with Humanities Hub! 


The lessons by my History tutors were both insightful and thought-provoking. They fueled my interest in history, providing case studies and evidences outside of my college's history notes. These were extremely useful in essay-writing, where their input allowed me to improve my writing style and quote examples that were more unique. Even though I joined their classes late, both tutors made sure that I was not left out, even providing me with the notes from the past lessons. I am most grateful to have had their guidance!

Chong Jiejun


Catholic Junior College 2018 - 2019

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh is a dedicated and caring teacher. In his lessons, he makes sure none of us fall behind, constantly checking our understanding by asking us questions. Furthermore, he painstakingly crafts his own notes and answers for Economics questions, which are easy to understand thanks to his signature 5-step structure. He also has gone the extra mile to give us extra consultation sessions to clarify the mistakes of our past Econs practices, and has provided us with a wealth of resources for us to practice writing essays and answering case study questions. He has also shown us how any essay can be classified under his detailed question typing framework, making him a credible and reliable teacher. With Mr Koh's help, I was able to see my Economics grade improve by leaps and bounds. Hence I highly recommend Humanities Hub as the place to go for Economics tuition.

Loh Keyun


Saint Andrew's Junior College 2013 - 2014

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


My HH tutor knows how to make a History lesson interesting through his own way of joking and this made every lesson enjoyable (I did not dread a single lesson). Not only are his lessons fun, they are also enriching as he taught us structure, common mistakes to avoid and important points to take note of. His 'no question is stupid' attitude makes him approachable, thus allowing us to clarify all of our doubts without having to feel judged.

Arun Krishna


Yishun Junior College 2017 - 2018 

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh has taught me since JC1, when I first started having major difficulties in H2 Economics. Throughout my journey in JC, Mr Koh has been very helpful and supportive in Econs, always welcoming any questions and aiding us in overcoming our mistakes. His engaging lessons made it easier for me to understand complex concepts. I am very appreciative of Mr Koh's lessons and I hope his future students get to enjoy them as much as I did.

Bethany Choo


Meridian Junior College 2018

History & Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub

Here at Humanities Hub, the teachers are very patient and are always willing to help. They are highly efficient in marking additional work and would even take time after class to clarify any misconceptions. Moreover, the staff here are very friendly which adds to a favourable tuition environment. I have never been a fan of tuition but my time at Humanities Hub was an enjoyable one, and it really changed my perception of tuition. I highly recommend the centre to anyone looking for help in saving their humanities grades or even just to perfect their writing. Thank you Mr Koh and Mr Ng for their guidance throughout this period! I really appreciate it.

Tomoe Suzuki


Raffles Institution 2017 

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


I joined the J2 H2 History class fairly late at the end of July 2017, but settling in was very easy given how approachable the tutors were. The tutors gave us plenty of opportunities to practice during lessons and also helped us mark and provided targeted feedback on all the essays we submitted. This was really helpful in diagnosing what my weaknesses were as my school’s tutors’ feedback could be quite vague. The abundance of free snacks and being able to use HH’s empty classrooms to study whenever I came early was a huge plus too!

Ding Yue Xuan


Temasek Junior College 2017

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


Mr Koh’s teaching of the subject is extremely strategic; he outlines exactly what is required in a question and teaches you how to tackle questions in the most coherent way possible. He is capable of being extremely detailed when answering students’ questions and gives a lot of resources for us to work on. I have not only learnt economic concepts but also the state of economies through Mr Koh’s anecdotes in class. Therefore, his lessons are very comprehensive and practical to students in general.

Nicholas Lam


Nanyang JC 2019-2020 

Economics Tuition at Humanities Hub


My Economics tutor, Mr Koh, is a kind, patient and decisive teacher. Through his teachings, I have developed a deeper understanding of the various economic concepts, some of which are very complicated and difficult to apply. However, his teaching style makes them easier to comprehend and enables me to categorise the different concepts. Through his essay types and structures, Economics became an easier subject to study and understand. Without his dedicated guidance, I would not have scored as well as I did in the GCE 'A' Level exams.

Chin Ying Peng

Durham University

Hwa Chong Institution, 2008


I was very privileged to have been taught History by Mr Matthew Quek in Year 2008 at Hwa Chong Institution (College Section). Mr Quek takes a serious attitude towards his teaching. He delivers the contents of the course in an effective manner that successfully captures and sustains the attention of his students. He relates well to his students and clearly sets out his expectations and course requirements.


Mr Quek’s detailed and comprehensive History lecture notes supplement his lectures well. He also encourages students to conduct further independent research and to take a genuine interest in their learning. Mr Quek facilitates a conducive environment in tutorials, where students are encouraged to examine issues in depth, clarify their doubts and share their knowledge with each other. Mr Quek also graciously offers constructive and encouraging comments in his feedback on assignments, which have always been promptly returned. His tireless attitude towards teaching motivates students to be similarly committed and interested in their work.

Isabella Hing


Anderson Serangoon Junior College 2020

History Tuition at Humanities Hub


I was achieving grades of D/E for H2 History before enrolling in Humanities Hub. It was an arduous task attending lessons but not understanding how to apply what is being taught in college. My confidence in the subject dampened with the declining grades.


I was at my wit’s end and decided to sign up for History tuition lessons at Humanities Hub in Jul 2020, ahead of the impending GCE ‘A’ Levels exams. Mr Ng’s holistic approach complimented the History lessons taught in college. The practices and coaching by Mr Ng in the months leading up to GCE ‘A’ Levels exams helped turn things around and I attained an A for H2 History, a grade beyond my wildest dreams.


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