What does your Humanities Grade Tell You About Your Exam Readiness?

You have received your SA1 results for your humanities subjects (for Social Studies, History [pure/elective] and Geography [pure/elective]). Do you know what it means in relation to your state of readiness for the upcoming O-Level examinations in October 2019, and the action you have to take to improve from your current grade?

Our experienced O-Level tutor team has laid out the problems students are facing at each grade band, and what they can do to elevate themselves and move out of the band.

Many parents and students have the mistaken idea that humanities is all about memorisation and regurgitation, when the syllabus has changed for many years and the focus has always been on critical thinking skills. Students who consistently do well (getting A1-B3) are those who show an in-depth understanding of an issue or concept, and is able to answer the examination questions concisely at the highest level. Regurgitating content or writing a very long answer will not give you the requisite marks, and make you waste unnecessary time. Instead, a short answer that shows that you have understood what the examiner is asking for and are able to deliver a nuanced answer will score the highest level of marks.

It is imperative that students need to be guided in their skills building, and be exposed to a wide variety of question types, so that they are able to interpret a question correctly and answer accordingly based on their content knowledge. As the student levels up in skills, they can start focusing on other areas that need improvement, such as minimising careless mistakes, and making sure that their time management is good, all of which could make a difference between a B3 and an A1!

To ensure that you get the right help for your humanities subject, feel free to give us a call at 6264 2236 to discuss how we can assist you!

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