All About JC Economics

Economics is one of the most popular contrasting subjects selected by JC students. We would like to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding this subject.

Q1: How relevant is Economics for admission to universities?

A: It depends on the course one intends to pursue in university. For Economics, Business and Finance related courses, having a background in JC Economics will be extremely advantageous. Even in other faculties like Engineering and Science, Economics may also be offered as minor modules, and students who have already studied Economics in JC will breeze through these modules. If Economics is your only contrasting subject, be it H1 or H2, it is compulsory to pass the subject in order to gain admission into our local universities.

Q2: Why is it so difficult to excel in Economics?

A: Over the last 10 years or so, the national distinction rate for H2 Economics has hovered between 36% and 43%. Economics is both an arts (with plenty of writing and analysis) and science (data intepretation) subject. On top of the heavy content, the key reasons why most students struggle with the subject is the inability to break down the requirements of the questions and structure their answers accordingly. Understanding economic concepts is only half the battle won, the ability to apply them appropriately in the right context remains the main roadblock for many students.

Q3: So what is the secret to doing well for Economics in JC?

Get plenty of exposure to the different types of examination questions and be sensitive to the words in the questions and essay structure. Learn to be flexible in terms of bringing together different concepts to answer a question. Practice makes perfect. Be consistent in your revision and don't fall behind on the syllabus because you do not want to be overwhelmed by content, particularly in the last lap before the GCE "A" Level examinations.


Struggling with your Economics? Join your seniors and experience a transformation in your results just like they did!

Sonam Kusurkar

Anglo Chinese Junior College 2017

From U to A for H2 Economics

Mr Koh is a highly engaging and approachable teacher and his lessons are extremely useful, insightful and productive. He explains concepts in detail and guides us along every step of the way. His genuine passion for the subject makes his lessons enjoyable and his explanations interesting, and he supplements concepts with relevant examples while teaching, making it easy for me to recall what he has explained even much later. His thorough and engaging lessons, along with useful guiding techniques transformed my fear of technical economic explanations and graphs into an appreciation and understanding of them. He is highly knowledgeable in the precise demands of the subject, leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion. Overall, Mr Koh is a highly effective, dedicated and amiable teacher who always goes the extra mile for his students!

Tan Qian Wei

Raffles Institution 2017

From C to A for H2 Economics

Mr Koh is a patient and committed teacher. He takes the time to explain concepts in an easily understood manner, which helped to clarify my misconceptions. Drawing on his extensive experience, he taught us how to recognise common question types and structure our essays effectively. I appreciated his willingness to stay after lesson hours just to clarify our doubts. With his guidance, I was motivated to work harder and managed to gain greater confidence in Economics. Thank you so much!

Judy Zhang

Temasek Junior College 2017

From U to A for H2 Economics

Mr Koh always breaks down concepts clearly, step-by-step, and explains complicated ideas very well in class. I didn't understand the multiplier effect until I attended his lessons. His lessons also gave us great practice on breaking down essay questions under timed conditions, which was very important in scoring well for Economics. Personally, I feel like I had learnt a lot from the lessons as they were very productive, and studying the case studies of different countries' economies makes Economics so much more understandable in the real world context. I was consistently failing Economics from J1 to scoring 46 (an E) in Prelims but somehow managed to get an A for the A Levels! I am certain this is the result of attending Mr Koh's lessons faithfully in the run up to the A-Levels examinations. He also addresses our concerns and questions very well, and makes time for any clarifications we may have before and after class. Overall, he's a pretty great teacher!

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