Geography (O-Levels): Weather & Climate

How do you answer a Three-Part Weather & Climate Question based on Figure 1 for Johor, Malaysia below?

Question 1:

What is the climatic type of Johor, Malaysia?

Equatorial climate

Question 2:

Describe the annual precipitation pattern in Johor, Malaysia.

- At the beginning of the year, precipitation is moderate at 200mm in January before decreasing slightly to 175mm in August.

- Precipitation levels then increase slightly to 180mm in September before increasing rapidly to 310mm in December.

Question 3:

Account for the increase in rainfall in Johor from November to January.

- Rainfall is the highest in Johor from November to January due to the Northeast Monsoon.

- During the Northeast Monsoon, it is summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere.

- Air moves from an area of high pressure in Central Asia and India to an area of low pressure in Australia.

- The winds pick up moisture over the South China Sea bringing rainfall to Johor.


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