Answering SEQ in History

Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)

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All Pure History and History Elective students are required to answer Structured Essay Questions, or SEQ, as part of the GCE O-Level examination questions. Students need to answer two SEQs, which make up a total of 20 marks. How can students answer these questions to hit the highest Level (L3) and score the maximum number of marks?

An example of an 8-mark question is as follows:

Qn: This question is about ____________________________________.

(a) Explain why ________________. (8m)

L1 (1-2 marks awarded): Describing the term without details.

Students are awarded 1 mark for each detail, up to a maximum of 2 marks. These includes answers which describes terms without sufficient details.

L2 (3-4 marks awarded): Identifies or describes __________.

For example, by explaining the reasons like "The first reason was __________." "The second factor to this was __________________."

L3 (5-8 marks awarded): Explaining factors.

If both factors are explained, the student will receive 7-8 marks.

A possible explanation could go in this manner:

"This factor led to _______ because ________. For example,_____________________.

Therefore, this led to ___________as___________. However, there were other reasons that________ as_____________For instance, _______________________Therefore, this caused ___________due to _________________."

Remember to be structured and coherent in your writing, and attaining L3 should be a piece of cake!


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