We are down with Exam Fever! Our Secondary 4 September Holidays Workshops are tailored to give a boost to students preparing to sit for the 'O' Levels examinations. Due to time and space constraints, places in these workshops are very limited, so call or WhatsApp us at 9661 9760 to reserve your slots quickly!

*Please note that a $100 non-refundable deposit is taken upon registration to confirm the seat in each class. Balance payment for the class must be made before the start of the first lesson. This deposit will be forfeited if the student does not turn up for the registered class. Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.*
Our key objectives are:

1) Giving targeted practices of likely and popular examination questions;
2) Revise all the critical examination skills;
3) Provide timed exam-oriented practices based on examination format to improve students' time management.

History Elective


The Source-Based skills covered over the 3 sessions include:

  • Inference

  • Purpose

  • Comparison

  • Reliability

  • Usefulness

  • Surprise

  • Study All Sources

  • Hybrid Questions

Students will be taught strategic answering techniques for key source-based case study questions. There will be step-by-step guidance on how to tackle such questions and feedback will be given.

Notes will be provided and the course will cover past GCE 'O' Levels questions.

*Lessons will be conducted via ZOOM and materials uploaded into Google classroom*

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Social Studies

This series builds on the skills covered during the June Bootcamp and offers additional solutions to answering the different question types that have been covered earlier.

“What do I do if I am short on time?”

“How do I answer this question if I am not sure what it is testing?”

“How much should I write? Is this too little or too much?”


These are some of the questions that students often struggle with and this Bootcamp aims to help students find the best possible solutions for improvement within the shortest time frame. In an ideal situation, students will finish all parts of the paper in a timely manner. However, things are seldom ideal and it is always good to be prepared with alternatives. The focus of this final Bootcamp is to provide students with a safety net and back-up plan for what to do if they find themselves struggling to finish the paper on time. 


* Lessons will be conducted via ZOOM and materials uploaded into Google classroom *

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