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“My mind is more wired towards sciences and I find writing essays quite challenging...... Tuition helped and it got easier to tackle those sort of questions once I got the hang of it.”

Ng Weng Fai, a Humanities Hub student who obtained As for both Social Studies and History in his O-Level examinations.

(From an excerpt of his interview with The Straits Times, 1 December 2016.)

2019 GCE 'O' Level Examinations

Humanities Hub is delighted to report another record breaking year with our 2019 GCE ‘O’ Level Examination results, surpassing our best ever record in 2018 in terms of the number of distinctions for students taking Combined Humanities, with almost 7 in 10 students scoring an A1 or an A2! More than 9 out of 10 students achieved at least a B3 for the subject.

For English Language, for the first time ever, we had 9 in 10 students achieving a B3 and above, with almost 4 in 10 getting a distinction! These rates are double that of the national average, and we are very proud


Our ability to add value to our students’ learning can be seen from the 2.0 average grade jump in English, and a stellar 4.5 average grade jump for our Combined Humanities students (taking Elective History, Geography or Literature). 


Close to 100% students who have been with us for at least 6 months have achieved a B3 grade or above.

2019 GCE 'O' Level Humanities Results.jp

2019 GCE 'A' Level Examinations

Humanities Hub is delighted to report an improvement in both quality grades as well as average grade jumps for the 2019 cohort of GCE 'A' Level students. In particular, our private candidates have exceeded our expectations with 100% of them scoring As, Bs and Cs for their respective subjects!

As with the previous year, 100% of our History and General Paper students who have been with us for more than 5 months have achieved a minimum 'C' grade, while 94% of our H2 Economics students did the same. H2 History and Economics students witnessed an average grade improvement of 3.5, and General Paper saw an average grade improvement of 3.

2019 GCE ‘A’ Levels Results.jpg


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