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Our annual Pre-Exam workshops for Secondary Three students are back again! Targeted at hapless students who are still struggling with the Combined Humanities syllabus, or those who have performed poorly at the Mid-Year Examinations, our 13-week workshops conducted by our highly experienced tutors will aim to help them overcome their fears of the subject and improve their results for their final year examinations in school!
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Social Studies (New Syllabus)

Conducted over 13 weeks, the Secondary Three Social Studies Workshop will revise briefly the content in Issue 1 on Exploring Citizenship and Governance, and focus on the content-heavy Issue 2 on Living in a Diverse Society, where the tutor will highlight the core content that students will require to be able to tackle their year end examination questions. For example, a sample question may be as follows:

- How do assimilation and integration work in managing socio-cultural diversity?

The workshop will also spend a significant amount of time teaching the necessary skills for Source-Based Questions (SBQ), which includes planning answers, identifying subtext and applying them in the answers to achieve high marks and using the right techniques to answer "why" questions in Section A. Time-based practices will be set during class so that students will also learn to manage their time well while answering each question.

*This class is relevant to BOTH Sec 3 (Express) and Sec 3 (Normal Academic).*

Topics Covered


Issue 1 - Exploring Citizenship and Governance

Issue 2 - Living in a Diverse Society




13-Week Programme from 2 July to 24 September 2017

Every Sunday 10.30-12.30pm




$1,050 (no gst, no material fee)


Class Size


Maximum 12 students

Elective Geography

Conducted over 13 weeks, the Secondary Three Geography Elective Workshop will go through the following topics and skills:




13-Week Programme from 1 July to 23 September 2017

Every Saturday 11.00 - 1.00pm




$1,050 (no gst, no material fee)


Class Size


Maximum 12 students

Special Discounts for Students taking Social Studies and Geography Elective:

$2,000 (no gst, no material fee)

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