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Ernest Tay

National University of Singapore

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, NUSS Medal Winner


The greatest gift that an educator can give to students would not be just knowledge but a good combination of knowledge and life skills. I was not a stellar student, but having had the opportunity to be taught and mentored by my Humanities tutor, Mr Yong, I had seen tremendous improvement in my results. Over the time that my tutor had taught me Geography and Social Studies, my ability to think critically was fine-tuned into an art that I had mastered due to his valuable lessons.


It is my belief that because of his tutelage I was able to achieve excellent results for the rest of my academic career including in the university. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who would like to learn Humanities from him.


Pillars of Success for Geography

60% Distinctions over 7 Years









Peer Evaluation on Written Work


One of the key pillars of success for our Geography students is the effective use of peer evaluation in class, which is something they will not get in any private tutoring session. Almost every week, there will be an exchange of ideas in class regarding various topics and questions, guided by our tutors, and students are able to learn from each others' mistakes or successes, thus improving the quality of their work going forward.


Timed Practices


Every lesson will include timed practices so that students will learn the art of time management, which is crucial during examinations. Specifically, students will be drilled on how to analyse different types of questions, and the techniques to answer them accurately to attain the highest level of marks.


Extensive but Precise Notes


Our Geography notes (for both Elective and Pure) are well known to be extensive and highlights all the critical content for each topic. The Geography syllabus has a lot of content for students to go through, and our special notes collate and highlight the most important information for students to be successful in the examinations.


1-to-1 Consultations


Students who are unclear about any content gaps etc will have plentiful opportunities to clarify and hone relevant skills in a small classroom setting. Should they be too shy to speak up in class, our tutors will always be available for 1-to-1 consultations before or after class.

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