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March Holidays

Social Studies

Catch Up Camp

15-17 March 2021

Source-Based Case Studies (SBCS) questions take up 70% of the total marks in the GCE 'O' Level Social Studies paper. Doing well in this section will be critical in the student's final performance grade and determine whether the student achieves a distinction or not.

Our March Holidays Social Studies Catch Up Camp 2021 aims to help students who have been falling behind in their Social Studies syllabus, with a heavy emphasis on helping them to level up their skill sets when it comes to handling different types of SBCS questions.

Secondary 3,  Secondary 4 (NA) and Secondary 4E students can attend this workshop as it mostly focuses on foundational skills.

*Please note that due to the limited number of seats in the class, we will require a $100 deposit payment prior to confirming your place in the Catch Up Camp.*

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