July 2020 Mid-Term Mini Workshops
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Pure Geography

In this workshop students will learn:

Error analysis techniques - Learn to eradicate common mistakes and make strategic adjustments to answers, so as to maximise marks to achieve distinctions in the paper. Furthermore, students will be drilled on how to analyse different type of questions, and apply the correct concepts according to the different question types.

Answering techniques - Learn to apply the 'right content' to address what the exam questions require. They will also learn to select and organise the content to hit the highest level in the mark scheme.

These techniques will allow students to answer the questions accurately and thereby attaining the highest level of marks in their coming examination.

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Social Studies (Online only)

In this workshop students will learn:

To answer both Structured Response Questions (SRQs) and Source-Based Questions (SBQs) using practical examination skills. Students will be guided to provide answers that will strategically improve their scores in the exam paper.

In this mini workshop, students will be given specimen papers to hone their examination skills. These essential practices will equip students with effective techniques in giving clear, precise and relevant answers. This will enable students to make strategic adjustments to their answers to maximise their marks in the various sections of the examination paper.

* Will be conducted LIVE via ZOOM with a tutor with over 10 years of teaching experience. Students will receive notes and assignments via Google Classroom.

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