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NOV/DEC 2020


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With an average of 10 years of teaching experience, most of our tutors have been with us since our inception.

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Our tutors are kept up to date on the latest syllabus changes and are specialised in the subjects they teach.

We know everything there is to know about how to do well in The Humanities

Because we are the pioneers. And we can make lessons fun too.

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We know all the fears and concerns students have in relation to Language and Humanities subjects. Our tutors provide 1-to-1 consultations to students too shy to speak up in class.


For Sec 3 GOING TO SEC 4

1. Targeting mostly at students who have underperformed or failed their Sec 3 preliminary exams, we will help them strengthen their foundation in both content and skills (with a heavier emphasis on skills) so that they can proceed to more complex concepts and skills in Sec 4.

2. We will break down chunks of content into digestible, useful information which can then be translated into relevant answers to exam questions.

For O-LEVEL/IP Students

to JC1

To introduce prospective JC students the basic concepts and theories of the various JC Humanities subjects as well as the compulsory subject of General Paper. For those who are unsure what each subject entails and requires insight before making a decision on their subject combination, we clarify doubts and provide additional insights on the academic challenges ahead.

For JC1 to JC2



1. For students who have done poorly in the JC 1 promotional examinations and need to consolidate both their content and skills before progressing to an even more challenging year in JC2 across the various subjects.

2. The tutors will also look ahead to some JC2 topics and prepare students on what to expect in 2021.




As of 2017 O-Level examinations, Sec 4 students have been taking an entirely revamped Social Studies syllabus, which is heavy in content and complicated in assessment. A key reason for the revamp was that the examiners wanted to discourage students from blindly memorising 'model' essays on the various pertinent issues and topics that affects Singapore.

Our highly renowned O-Level Social Studies headstart programmes will aim to bring the student up to speed, clarify doubts regarding their Sec 3 content and prepare them for the upcoming Sec 4 syllabus, with a heavy emphasis on skills.

** Online lessons will be 'live' classes conducted via ZOOM **



Having a good command of the English language is crucial not just in doing well in the subject but also enhances a student's abilities to understand and dissect examination questions in other subjects, particularly in the Humanities. Many weak students often give up thinking that it is a matter of whether they are "gifted" in the English language, not realising that with sufficient practice and the right amount of guidance, they can see exponential improvements in their English language abilities. Our O-Level headstart programme aims to set them on the right path, and strengthen their weak foundation ahead of the O-Level year in 2021.



Our Sec 4 Geography headstart programme is mainly targeted at students who have failed to do well during their Sec 3 year-end examinations, or are still struggling to remember and/or understand their Sec 3 concepts. 

The aim of these structured lessons is to clarify important concepts on key topics, break down chunks of content into digestible, useful information which can then be translated into relevant answers to exam questions. It is absolutely critical for students to have a firm foundation on their Sec 3 content, before moving on to the Sec 4 topics in the new school year in 2021, as they have little time to re-visit old content before the O-Level examinations in October 2021.



60% of the marks of the O-Level History examination comes from Section A, where Source-Based skills are tested. Therefore, it is essential for candidates to be clear on how to tackle questions found in Source-Based case studies in a historical context.

During each of the two-hour sessions over the 4-day headstart programme, our focus will be on SBQ skills, using case studies from Stalinist Russia and the Rise of Nazi Germany. Step by step guidance will be given to students on how to tackle such questions during these lessons.

** Online lessons will be 'live' classes conducted via ZOOM **




Without a doubt the most popular contrasting subject of choice for science students in JC, but a totally unknown subject to most Secondary 4 students. What exactly is Economics? Is it a dry subject? How do economic concepts apply in real life? Is there math involved? Learn what to expect for A-Level Economics!



A compulsory subject for all JC students - you cannot avoid it even if you wanted to. Is General Paper just another English Language exam, or something more? How deep must your general knowledge be in order to do well in this subject? What are the tricks of the trade to do well in GP? 



Do you really need a background in O-Level History to take on History at the A-Levels? Can you just memorise your content and get a distinction? Find out what are the examination criteria for A-Level History and decide if you are up for the challenge!





** Class A is FULL **



Our well-thought out GP headstart programme for JC2 students will entail covering content of various topics, vocabulary enrichment exercises, AQ and essay writing skills, to arm students with confidence as before they start the critical A-Level year in 2021.



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