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Online Learning


Over the past 2 years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many disruptions and presented us with numerous challenges. It has forced us to adapt quickly to new ways of teaching and communicating with our students. What we initially believed to be only a temporary measure has turned into a permanent change in how we will work, study and play while living with this current virus, and perhaps future viruses. 

Admittedly, as a pioneer in humanities and language tuition, our team was worried about the efficacy of online learning, including the loss of rapport we can build with students in a physical class setting, lack of writing practices, and so on. At the same time, our students, being young and highly adaptable, have become increasingly comfortable with "zooming" online, and enjoy the convenience of time saved from travelling to our centre. New students, who were initially discouraged from joining us as they live far away from our centre, are now able to join us and benefit from our classes. Over this period, our tutors have also discovered new ways to make their classes more engaging and interactive, and fine-tune their teaching methods to maximise learning efficacy through various online tools, and the subsequent results from our students bear testament to their success.


As such, our team has made the decision to move permanently from a physical setting to full online learning. We will continue to seek ways to improve our teaching and minimise any possible downsides to online learning. All our online classes will be live, interactive classes, to facilitate free flowing tutor-student discussion, but with the added flexibility for students who may miss our lessons to now have access to recorded class sessions.

We look forward to helping many more batches of humanities students achieve their desired grades in the years to come.


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