Our Covid-19 Measures

Starting 17 May 2021, please note that only Safe Entry via the Trace Together app or token is accepted.

100% of Humanities Hub staff are fully vaccinated. We will continue to abide by the latest Safe Management Measures instituted by MOE.*


  • All staff and students will masked within Humanities Hub’s premises at all times. Anyone without a proper mask will be refused entry into the Centre.


  • All staff and students are required to check in and check out of Humanities Hub using TRACETOGETHER SAFE ENTRY. Please bring your TraceTogether Token or use your TraceTogether APP to check in via our SafeEntry Gateway Box. Students who do not comply will not be allowed into the classroom.



  • Any student who looks unwell or has respiratory symptoms or develops respiratory symptoms during the lesson will be sent home immediately.

  • Students who are placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) or Approved Absence (AA) by their schools, or students who are on a Stay Home Notice (SHN), or Home Quarantine Order (HQO) are not permitted to attend any lessons at Humanities Hub. They may however, attend a ZOOM lesson if available.



  • Students who have travelled overseas must inform Humanities Hub their destination (regardless whether it is MOH approved or not) and dates of travel. 


  • To reduce traffic, only staff and students can enter Humanities Hub’s premises until further notice. Parents waiting to pick up their children after class should wait outside the Centre. Parents who wish to speak to our tutors should arrange an appointment via our Admin. All permitted visitors can only enter our premises after checking in with TraceTogether SafeEntry.


  • Until further notice, we will not accept cash payment of tuition fees. Please continue to pay your fees via PayNow, Internet Banking Transfer, CARDUP or you can post a cheque to us.


  • All staff and students should maintain safe distancing of at least 1 metre at all times. There should be no intermingling between students before or after class. Students are expected to leave the Centre immediately after the lesson if they do not have any questions for the tutors, and no loitering will be allowed.


  • All students will choose their designated seat on their first lesson. This will be recorded down by our Admin for contact tracing purposes. You will continue to occupy the same seat for subsequent lessons until the end of the year.



  • To prevent cross contamination, and so that students do not remove their masks during lessons, Humanities Hub will stop offering snacks at our pantry for the time being. Students should also refrain from bringing outside snacks to eat during lesson time but they can bring their own water bottle to class. Students should leave the classroom to drink water so that they do not remove their masks during lesson.

*For students with multiple classes at Humanities Hub, they may bring food to eat during non-lesson time, while practicing safe distancing.


  • All classrooms will be wiped down with NEA approved disinfectants before and after every lesson. Hand sanitisers will be placed strategically for use across the Centre.


H/P. 9661 9760 (Call & Whatsapp)

Email: info@humanitieshub.com

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