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Isabella Chua

Tampines Junior College, 2011-2012

I have always been keen on China Studies, although it is a subject that will draw odd looks or a few sneers from others. I liked it because it is such a dynamic subject, where our understanding of the country and its politics (almost the same thing seeing that CCP shapes China) are constantly challenged by recent happenings. My tutor, with his seasoned skepticism and wit, always helps us analyse the loopholes in Chinese politics, and contradiction in the actions by politicians. He draws his students out on their own pace, allowing them to sharpen their own arguments over time, instead of force feeding us with model answers that just wouldn't work for contemporary China Studies (since its a fluid subject). For practical students out there untouched by my personal sentiments, he also provides a variety of essay structures that will differentiate you from your peers. As for Independent Studies, my tutor is tireless in critically assessing weak arguments, correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes (see how thorough he is?) and giving mind-blowing insights that will make you question the standard of your own work, but if you follow through with his advice, you'll most probably get an A too.


Pillars of Success for H1/H2 China Studies in English









Content Mastery


China's political, economic, social and international relations developments can be befuddling to many students. At Humanities Hub, we will equip our students to become 'China Conversant' by helping them to understand current trends and policies and connect the differing dimensions of China's progress.

Intensive Timed Practices


Our essay-writing and CSQ (Case Study Questions) skills programme will enable our students to develop a strong writing ability that will help them score distinctions. In addition, we have regular timed practices so that students learn the important skill of time management while delivering a top level essay/CSQ. Specifically, students will be taught how to analyse questions and know what examiners are looking for, develop paragraphs, and write effective introductions and conclusions so that they can meet the requirements of the highest mark band.


Comprehensive, yet Concise Notes


Students will be provided a set of comprehensive, yet concise notes covering all topics of the syllabus. These notes will be readily updated and comprehensible for easier reading and learning. As a result, students will be able to effectively apply new content and concepts they have learnt.


Research Skills


Students will be able to hone their Independent Study (IS) research skills. They will strengthen their research skills and methodologies, learn how to better craft research proposals and write analytical and critical research papers.

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