Tackling The Situational Writing Section of the 2019 GCE 'O' Level English Paper

The Situational Writing Section B of O level English Language Paper 1 is a compulsory section which essentially assesses the candidate’s ability to apply the use of written standard English in practical everyday scenarios. For your script to attain a good grade, you need to understand the purpose, audience and context of the given question and ensure you write in the correct format with accurate grammar and a variety of vocabulary and sentence structures. For your script to stand out amongst the all the candidates who have to attempt the same question, you need to demonstrate a high level of personal engagement and inject your personal voice so that you differentiate yourself from the many a

5 Ways to Ace Your Humanities in 2020

Are you having trouble getting good grades for your Humanities subjects? Check out our Top 5 Tips to help you ace your Humanities subjects this year! 1. Keep Up With Your Syllabus aka Start Well Many students spend too much time to settle down in school after the long holidays. The distraction will result in them missing out on a lot of foundational content in the first few lessons. Keeping up with your syllabus right from the start is important if you want to do well in your subjects. It is even more critical for Secondary 4 students entering Junior College 1 because of the big jump from the GCE ‘O’ Level to the GCE ‘A’ Level. You would not want to be behind in your A-Level syllabus because

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