JC History Skills Series: Essay Approaches (1)

Hallo JC History Students! We are now starting a new blog series on how you can excel in your H2 History subject in JC! Drawing on over 20 years of teaching experience, our History teaching team has nailed down the fail safe methods of helping even the weakest students achieve the impossible. Our History Class of 2018 (one of the largest ever), achieved a 100% A, B, and C grades, with 83% of them scoring As and Bs for the A-Level examinations! Join us now for a peek into how you can do better for your H2 History! Our smiley and fun loving JC History Class of 2018 who did us very proud! ********************************************************************** Sample Essay Question (Paper 2): How

All About JC Economics

Economics is one of the most popular contrasting subjects selected by JC students. We would like to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding this subject. Q1: How relevant is Economics for admission to universities? A: It depends on the course one intends to pursue in university. For Economics, Business and Finance related courses, having a background in JC Economics will be extremely advantageous. Even in other faculties like Engineering and Science, Economics may also be offered as minor modules, and students who have already studied Economics in JC will breeze through these modules. If Economics is your only contrasting subject, be it H1 or H2, it is compulsory to pass the

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