How to Craft Your Answer to the Application Question (AQ) ?

Many General Paper (GP) students face difficulties when trying to answer the Application Question (AQ) of the paper. In the blog post below, written by our resident GP expert, Mr Chong, he shares some of the key elements to watch out for while crafting your answer. ***************************** Application Question or AQ is a long-answer question in the General Paper comprehension paper that demands higher order thinking skills namely inferential understanding, comparative analysis, critical evaluation and synthesis of information. It is worth 10 marks (out of 35 marks of content). One should spend about 25 to 30 minutes answering it. The examiners assess the AQ answer using 4 criteria, name

Unlocking the Secrets to Excelling in A-Level History

It is no secret that doing well in History at the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination is heavily dependent on the candidate’s ability to write good essays. The essay section makes up 60 per cent of the final score for both papers. Cambridge markers also consider the quality of written English when assessing essays. Their assessment of written English includes the quality of spelling, punctuation and grammar. On top of that, they also take into account how candidates structure and present their ideas, and use historical terms and phrases. History at GCE 'A' Level is no longer just focused on describing events. Although good factual knowledge is important, this must be used in support of historical anal

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