The 3 'S' Techniques to Excelling in A-Level Economics Essays

The following article is contributed by our Principal Economics Tutor, Mr S.F. Koh. ********************************************************************** It is not uncommon to hear students exasperatedly complain that while they understand the Economic concepts, they are unable to score well for their essays. Some learning centres attempt to bridge the gap between knowledge and performance by doing as many past year questions from the A-Level and JC examinations as possible, hoping that when it comes to the real thing, one of the questions would be similar to those they had gone through before, and students could just regurgitate the memorised answer. This is not an optimal method because 1

Five Common Mistakes Made by Students for the New Social Studies Syllabus

2017 was the first year when O-Level students sat for the examination paper of the newly revamped Social Studies (SS) syllabus. While Humanities Hub's students performed brilliantly, with more than 63% of them garnering distinctions, many Sec 3 and 4 students continued to struggle with the more complex content and a new set of critical thinking skills which resulted in them scoring badly in school tests and examinations. Written by our well-regarded in-house SS tutor, the following is an article on the Five Common Mistakes students make for the latest Social Studies syllabus. ********************************************************************** Mistake 1: Not addressing the requirements in

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