Acing the New Social Studies Syllabus (2267)

2017 marks the first year when GCE ‘O’ Level candidates will be sitting for a brand new Social Studies (SS) syllabus come October. According to MOE, the new syllabus is revised to place greater emphasis on active citizenship and critical thinking in students. While previous syllabus revisions had been minor, the latest update is a significant change with more hot-button topical issues and exam questions meant to test a student’s ability to form reasoned arguments and recommendations. One of the biggest changes is the removal of the Structured Essay Question (SEQ) component and its replacement by the brand new Structured Response Question (SRQ) in Section B. Comprising 30% of the overall scor

H2 History: What Makes a Good History Essay (Sample)

We would like to start off with this disclaimer - THERE REALLY isn't a model essay out there, not in the field of Humanities anyway, but there are always good versus bad ones. What are the hallmarks of a GOOD (HIGH SCORING) History essay at the A-Levels? We will take the time out to dissect a REAL history essay in this very blog post. ********************************************************************* Question To what extent did education succeed in promoting national unity in independent Southeast Asian states? Answer Introduction All Southeast Asian countries attempted to promote national unity, to varying degrees of success. One of the methods used by Southeast Asian states was the use

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