English Language O-Level Exam - What's Required from Students?

The GCE O-Level examination of a student's English Language capabilities are rigorous and complicated. In order for a student to excel in this subject, the student, as well as the people in charge of supporting his studies, must first be aware of what are the requirements needed at each part of the examination. Paper 1 Writing (70 marks; 35% of total grade) Editing – In a given text of continuous prose of not more than 250 words, students identify and then edit grammatical errors by writing the corrections in the spaces provided. They will be trained to identify the patterns and major categories of questions set. They may also be tasked to set their own editing questions in order to understa

Geography (O-Levels): Weather & Climate

How do you answer a Three-Part Weather & Climate Question based on Figure 1 for Johor, Malaysia below? Question 1: What is the climatic type of Johor, Malaysia? Equatorial climate Question 2: Describe the annual precipitation pattern in Johor, Malaysia. - At the beginning of the year, precipitation is moderate at 200mm in January before decreasing slightly to 175mm in August. - Precipitation levels then increase slightly to 180mm in September before increasing rapidly to 310mm in December. Question 3: Account for the increase in rainfall in Johor from November to January. - Rainfall is the highest in Johor from November to January due to the Northeast Monsoon. - During the Northeast Monsoon,

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