E-Learning Series: J2 History H2 (1)

Image taken from http://mrbelloblog.com/ Question Assess the view that the Cold War was significant in the establishment of maximum governments in Southeast Asia. Instructions - In pairs/groups, outline the trajectory of your response and the suggested case studies/evidence. - Other groups could add on comments to the ideas formulated by the pair/group.

E-Learning Series: S4 Social Studies (1)

As part of our efforts to constantly make learning more engaging and impactful to students, we are starting an E-Learning Series on this blog to engage the technologically-savvy generation to contribute their views on pertinent issues in Social Studies. By sharing their answers, students will widen their outlook and at the same time elevate their answering techniques. Our Social Studies Guru Mr Tan will also be on hand to guide students. While this series is targeted at Humanities Hub students, we welcome other students to contribute their answers to this portal if they so wish - but to leave their name and school when writing their answers in the comments below. HH students please leave you

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