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Lim Zhi Yong

Catholic Junior College 2019


Mr Chong has a broad knowledge and deep insight about many popular topics in General Paper. He is able to accommodate for students of different interests, and his targeted teaching style helps to correct the weaknesses of his students effectively. By quickly identifying individual mistakes in their assignments, he provides specific comments and suggestions to help students improve. In the short time that I spent under his tutelage, I was most impressed with his laser-focused attention towards the areas of weaknesses of each student. During class, I felt comfortable consulting him about some of my struggles in General Paper. He was sharp to catch onto the crux of the issue, and could give personalised feedback on ways to improve. This level of attention is hard to come by in most GP classes in school, as the timetable is tight and the classroom size is larger. I highly recommend students to sign up for his classes, as they have been highly engaging and enriching, given Mr Chong’s easy-going personality and extremely capable intellect.


Weekly Feedback on Written Work


At Humanities Hub, we believe that one of the key factors for our students performing well in GP is getting timely, regular feedback on their work (be in on essays or AQ) from our tutors. This is largely absent in the school environment due to the workload of teachers, or in tuition centres focusing only on delivering lectures to large groups of students. 


Intensive Timed Practices


Our essay-writing skills programme will enable our students to develop a strong writing ability that will help them score distinctions in the essay paper. In addition, we have regular timed practices so that students learn the important skill of time management while delivering a top level essay. Specifically, students will be taught how to analyse questions; brainstorm for ideas; develop paragraphs; strike a balance without contradictions; write effective introductions and conclusions; infuse evaluation in argumentation; use a range of techniques in writing (such as literary devices) to engage readers; develop a personal voice; and much more.


Comprehensive, yet Concise Notes


Students will be provided a set of comprehensive, yet concise notes covering all topics of the syllabus. More importantly, through the use of real world scenarios presented in the form of newspaper articles, news clips, videos and other alternative modes of teaching, students will be engaged in interactive discussions on current affairs, local and global issues and construct arguments. This allows students to appreciate the currency and immediate application of new knowledge learnt.


1-to-1 Consultations


Students who are unclear about any content gaps etc will have plentiful opportunities to clarify and hone relevant skills in a small classroom setting. Should they be too shy to speak up in class, our tutors will always be available for 1-to-1 consultations before or after class.


Pillars of Success for General Paper

40% Distinctions over 7 Years









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