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Ho Yew Han

Eunoia Junior College, 2017-2018 


Before I joined Humanities Hub, I was barely scraping an E for Economics in school. I've only managed to score and excel in the subject afterwards solely because of the help of my Economics tutor Mr Koh.


Mr Koh is a highly competent, extremely experienced and effective tutor that has managed to spark my interest in Economics and helped me score for the subject. His lessons are well structured, comprehensive and easy to understand. With his years of experience teaching the subject, Mr Koh has managed to dissect the toughest economic concepts and essay questions with ease and confidence. His notes are extremely concise and succinct, which aided me in applying content to essays. More importantly, he provided us with an extensive repository of detailed essay structures, outlines and sample essays. These resources and his tutelage have enabled me to formulate coherent and analytically rigorous essays.


He regularly encourages us to practise and he willingly marks all my essays and case studies. More importantly, he gives detailed comments and step-by-step instructions on how to improve and get the A grade. His pragmatic approach and constant emphasis on practising, applying and strategizing has definitely helped me perform during exams.


I am extremely heartened and grateful to be Mr Koh’s student - his guidance was pivotal and indispensable in helping me excel in Economics. There is no doubt that Mr Koh was instrumental in helping a mediocre student like me do well in the A Levels. Thank you very much Mr Koh!


Pillars of Success for H2 Economics

70% Distinctions over 7 Years










Simplify Difficult Economic Concepts


At Humanities Hub, we believe that one of the key factors for our students performing well in Economics is the ability of our tutors to simplify and clarify difficult economic concepts that have befuddled many students, through detailed and clear explanations in class, with relevant real-life examples to bring the subject to life. This allows students to quickly apply what they have learnt in tuition to their school work, tests and examinations.

Intensive Timed Practices


Our essay-writing and CSQ (Case Study Questions) skills programme will enable our students to develop a strong writing ability that will help them score distinctions in both Paper 1 and Paper 2. In addition, we have regular timed practices so that students learn the important skill of time management while delivering a top level essay/CSQ. Specifically, students will be taught how to analyse questions and know what examiners are looking for, develop paragraphs, and write effective introductions and conclusions so that they can meet the requirements of the highest mark band.


Comprehensive, yet Concise Notes


Students will be provided a set of comprehensive, yet concise notes covering all topics of the syllabus. These notes will organise huge chunks of information into digestible and easily comprehensible sections which make learning easier. As a result, students will be able to effectively apply new concepts they have learnt.


1-to-1 Consultations

Students who are unclear about content material or skills will have plentiful opportunities to clarify their doubts and hone relevant skills in a small classroom setting. Should they be too shy to speak up in class, our tutors will always be available for 1-to-1 consultations before or after class.

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