Social Studies

2015 O Level Intensive Revision


Combined Humanities, especially Social Studies, is a difficult subject for many students.  Students must have strong content knowledge and be able to analyse the requirements of the question so they can answer in a concise manner to score high marks. 


This 1.5 day course is intended to help students better understand what is required and expected of them to score well in the O Level examinations.


Day One - Section B (30% of paper 15/50 marks)

  • Grasp the keywords in the 4 themes - Governance, Conflict in Multi Ethnic Societies, International Relations and Globalisation

  • Construct their explanation of a given factor using a simple and results-proven approach for Section B 

  • Apply a logical format to evaluate the relative importance of the two chosen alternate factors


Day Two - Section A (70% of the paper 35/50 marks)

  • Usage of different levels to construct coherent arguments with SBQ Case Studies of each of the 3 themes - Governance, Conflict in Multi Ethnic Societies and International Relations

  • Students will also receive samples of High level of responses to these case studies.

Fees for the 1.5 day course is $500.


The class will be taught by Mr Tan who has 11 years experience in teaching Social Studies.


Day 1:  Friday 2 October 2015

            3:00PM - 7:00PM


Day 2:  Saturday 3 October 2015

            9:00AM - 5:00PM


There will be one 15-minute break on Day 1, and two 15-minute breaks on Day 2.  Light snacks will be provided in the late afternoon.  Lunch will be provided on Day 2 (Halah and no beef). Students with special dietary requirements are advised to make their own arrangements.